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Wizards or text very bad wizards to five hundred five hundred to get started. Welcome back to very bad wizards at this time, we like to take a moment to thank all of our listeners for the way, they interact with us all the emails that we get. People tweeting us people posting about our episodes on read it and on Facebook and Instagram when that. When that is posted regularly and at the proper times, so yeah, we like to thank all of you. It's it's kind of amazing like people think social media is such a cesspool and it can be. But it really just almost all the time isn't with the community that we've built people are have sent us. Great ideas. Great criticisms, and sometimes they even agree with us and thank us. And we really appreciate that. You can Email us very bad wizards at g mail dot com. Tweet us at Tamla at Ps or at very bad wizards like us on Facebook. Go to our read. It are sub read it, which is very bad. Wizards went word and follow us on Instagram, and you can supply..

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