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Yourself. James Webb more Amy Porterfield that I've had the blessing to be able to. Interview on the podcast as well as all my clients and myself. Hands down, slowing down to work on who you are as an entrepreneur, and who you wanna be stepping into the thinking and the actions of a upper six or seven figure entrepreneur is the number one thing that actually allows you to get there. And it's it's hard for us because it's not. It doesn't feel like a tick the box kind of thing in terms of building your mindset. But if you don't do it, then you're going to be that hamster on a hamster wheel always feeling like you're so busy, but growth will literally stop on you and you won't be able to move forward. You know, it's interesting. I don't know if those of you listening know this. I have a high level coaching slash mastermind program called the PI celebrator and it was only released to those who were on my Email list who are at that level. So a lot of you probably have never heard of that, but it's it's called the i. accelerated program. It's been running for several months now Shannon year in there, and it's great and. The community, and there's awesome somebody in the group had said the other day, you know, I know you call this the exhilarated program, but actually what you're helping us dues, D.C, celery. And that's just like you said it perfectly lines, and these are people who are at that level to the the way to grow is too slow. And I just made that up by the way, kind of like. Slow to grow. No, to grow anyway. Right now, but it's so true and I think. What got you here won't get you there. But we are so used to doing the things that got us here. How and you have a background in psychology. How do we, how do we even begin to to to slow down when like I think it's easy just to say, oh, yeah, that makes sense. But when you actually have to do that. It's one of the hardest things to do, and I know for my own personal experience to what can we do, how can we better execute on slowing down? How do we know what to slow down to trust their I? So one of the things I really want you to hear is that a lot of times we think about doing, you know that this kind of mindset work, we think of it is kind of this out there like it's like floating cloud like, you can't quite get your hands around kind of woo. And if you like the thing then great. But for me, I'm I'm like a type a. like lists. I, I wanna know there's a process behind things and that's why I took it. You know, I was had high level mentors. I studied their lives, but it still wasn't enough. And so that's why ended up going on and getting my PHD in neuro psychology. It's borderline obsessive, but I really wanted to understand. Neurologically speaking, what's different about people who have this high level of success, whether it be an entrepreneur, even enough lettuce, and some of my clients are athletes as well. And they have a way of thinking that is different from somebody who is is not at that level and what's different in. It's really intriguing to know. I think very freeing to know is everything that they have. You can have you actually have the capacity right now because the way your brain is wired, it is wired for automation and it's wired for efficiency. It's by far the most amazing system in tool. You has an as.

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