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The news. A small brush fire is burning. In Silmara. The fire is burning off little to hunger Kenyon Road that is near a shooting range. The fire is burning to the west, and there are some light winds about one acre has burned. A security guard has been hit and killed at an apartment complex in Long Beach. Police say an SUV hit the guard shack to the century villages at Cabrio Apartments yesterday afternoon. The Guard shack was destroyed and the security guard was inside and killed at the time. The driver of the SUV ran off news brought to you by router hero. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer says he is not happy about president Former President Trump's allegedly asking the Department of Justice to subpoena personal phone records of at least 12 people in 2017 and 18. Those people included Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff and Eric Swallow. This is not just some kind of Washington insider thing. It's about people's phone records being subpoenaed without them, even knowing about it and who knows who would be next? The Justice Department inspector general is investigating, and Schumer is demanding. Senate Republicans joined Democrats to subpoena then attorneys General Jeff Sessions and Bill Barr, the first black picture to reach 20 wins during an American League season, has died. Jim Mudcat Grant pitch for seven different teams during his 14 year career in the major leagues in 1965, the two time All Star led the American League in victories, winning percentage and shut outs and help the Minnesota Twins reached the World Series. Four years later, Grant was the opening day saw her for the expansion Montreal Let's suppose in their first game, former President George W. Bush autograph and several other black aces at a White House ceremony in February 2000 and seven marking National African American History Month Reporter Joel Stern says Grant was 85..

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