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Is our phone number so let me give the cubs lineup again they have an afternoon game ben zobrist leads off he's in right albert al more juniors in center kris bryant third anthony rizzo's if i contrast is the five hole hitter catching by as is a six hitter hillary's a second half and left batting seven addison russell's at short hitting eighth and kyle hendricks is the pitcher he is batting ninth like that lineup i think it works does it work for you i mean you want them to go today today's the day they can't they can't mess around it's no longer early i would prefer to have kyle schwarzer in the lineup personally righties lefties i don't care and by the way can you tell me they have a stat called advance rate advanced rate is holding guys from advancing an extra base outfielder in the balls hit to you who is the number one outfielder in baseball this year on advance rate by the way you pose that question or swab right iraq net about that and he's tied for the most outfield assists in baseball with four pretty good gunned down linda are the other night he's gunned down nikki del monaco at the plate you guys got a canon in the play he made the other night sliding popping up and firing a strike i need a seed right the second base all you had to do is catch it can keep his glove there lindores slid right into it it was real so good to see him play in a whole lot better defense.

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