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. Ten 38, traffic and weather together on the 8 years Brian peck. And we start on the Eisenhower with a crash inbound super heavy in fact, jammed from Cicero to Costner, crash in the three left lanes, definitely want to consider using Roosevelt to get around that. Then after Costner, you're okay, you're clear sailing into the Jane burn interchange. Right now, 38 minutes Jane Adams into the Jane burn interchange 20 minutes man high man, 13 minutes going out to mannheim 31 out to the Jane Adams. Stevenson looks good, I 55 will county is in great shape. On the Dan Ryan inbound still closed at Garfield, this has been going on for a few hours now. It's the investigation of a crash that happened earlier this morning. The local or the express lanes are still open, but they're getting pretty jammed too from 63rd to 51st, might want to consider hallstead, at least for a little while to get in towards the Jane bird interchange. Outbound you're fine. 12 minutes out to the split. I 57 looks good, bishop four dusa lakeshore drive is moving tri state always in good shape. All the tollways are moving well, I 80 and Joliet is good eastbound and westbound. Northwest Indiana is in excellent shape this morning. On the Eden's year 15 minutes I have the direction and the Kennedy 17 minutes O'Hare ended downtown just a little slow Ogden to the Hubbard street tunnel 11 minutes from the Eden's junction in and then 15 minutes going out to O'Hare. Next traffic

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