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Know if you're about to start a production of Jesus Christ Superstar fine after that there's no reason and now especially if anybody's got hope it does which by the way supposedly doesn't do any kind of damage it's just kind of Beethoven skin infection but it can't be something that helps you identify if you may have cope with nineteen young patients presenting with show planes have lacked criteria sufficient allow for some of these tests and stuff like that but they say that it basically gives this purplish and painful plaque on the toes and outer side of the feet for three days is it for several days before that you also may have like that low grade fever dry cough but you'll you'll see like if you look on the pictures online and stuff like that you'll see exactly what we're talking about it's already nasty looking my god I don't need to see all that that kind of stuff they can miss with all those pictures and stuff like that so so I'm I guess that's job lanes or something like that helps helps calls all that or whatever like that but you know if you've got the if you look up to cope with that nineteen you look up the the comatose and stuff like that you can see if you've got something like that going on and that might be a sign I can't say is I've seen anything like that on me before because I told you before I die I'm almost a hundred percent convinced that that I I had the corona back in back in February I mean when when myself and the other two guys that I work with but during the day we were all laid out for days on end I mean like I was laid out to where like I don't miss work I don't miss time I literally couldn't function like I I you know I barely made it to our radio shows that was only because I slept all day I would literacy to like one or two o'clock in the afternoon drugged up Vettel era a rest for you know one of those what he called it not respirator but all nothing of like blows that steam and stuff like that put medicine in like a vapor rub spray and all that what is it what is it Jarvis yeah.

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