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To speak in that she becomes this completely she looks at her relationships as just pinning her to the chains of humanity and her feelings for teddy are chains or she going to kind of do the roundabout that did that those feelings are important i miss teddy and and double down into those feelings accept sorrow and pain yeah and that really will just take what her character does so if but if she goes against the willingness to feel pain and i imagine she'll become the villain of like the series it's not yeah i mean she had her big moment i mean she had a very human moment and this is as much as she sort of made the decision to become why more this season than you know the farmer's daughter whatever i mean she has now to make the decision of what to do with that that pain brian we're all of her choices justified does she question this episode in particular kept asking is making these choices to begin with these choices ever mind to begin with do you guys think it's right that the only character whose purpose we really understand at the stage of the story is bernard well because i don't know where maeve and dolores and the man in black i don't know what their questing towards now maeve seemingly at the end of requests she found her daughter and her daughter is being protected in theory and you know maybe wanna go out and spend some time with her or something but that was her quest now maybe she goes on her own a new quest to get out of the world deloris either wants to blow up the valley i think wants to go out of the world you know after after right roy westworld but maybe that's undermined by the texture yeah i think that bernard from i mean the most one of the most interesting things about sort of the second half of the season is that bernard was just as much as he's you can't deny that he's a main character the show but he's just been totally sublimated not just as a you know i mean literally it's he is ford's proxy for trying living through him and in this episode i mean he made the big choice to you know stay to.

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