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Adams kind of looking at her like well that should be the girl, but I can't cast the garage. Yeah, because otherwise you know the cowboy will like. Destroy? Cowboys Toby which do in somebody who's frozen, my assets and stay in a crappy hotel exactly and I can't go back to my house because the pool guys there with its pool. Guys there and frankly, there's just pick paint everywhere. It's a mess and I don't want to clean it up. It's damned if I ended up. So, but betty panics a little bit. She's like. Something you know after that look. She panics and she's like well. I need to go back because hey. I need to keep this date with Rita that we were gonNA. Go check out Diane Selwyn place I had. I promised a friend. I'd help her I have to go I'm sorry I have to go. Yeah, so so she ends up back and they go. Betty Rita go to the park number twelve. which weird about that though is, it's almost it's almost like betty can sometimes smell a bad scene. But not enough. No, no, you know. She should be able to. I I feel like she should have been able to smell her way out of Danielle apartment. Cheryl yeah, exactly because you know. Hey, there's a corpse in there and sure it didn't smell very good. You think you. Would have been noticeable before they went inside and even just the whole when they get there and there's. Two guys case in joint and yeah, exactly yeah I think she's just caught up in the mystery of Rita I mean. Rita is serious very. You know very sweet and very beautiful, but very mysterious, and there is an air of danger around her that I. Think Intrigues, Betty. It's kind of like what happens with Comic Lachlan's character Jeffrey Beaumont and Blue Velvet. Exactly what happens? This dangerous, but this woman is mysterious. She needs my help. She's beautiful. I've got I've got to figure this out I. figure out what the Hell is going on here. Yeah, you're right. I didn't think about that. That is exactly the same kind of thing, yeah? So. So, he ended up apparently. Of Women Answers, but it's not Diane Selwyn. It's a neighbor. Who tells them women all? Hey! I, switched apartments with Diane. She's number seventeen. And I want to tell her that he still has some of my stuff..

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