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Them because this isn't how consciousness functions so they dismiss it and people have experiences are not given the the validation that they deserve. Yeah it's the thing with scientists have become the gatekeepers of what israel if a scientist says. It's not real then okay. That's not real then without analyzing the scientists viewpoint on maybe his bias will bias. Yeah i agree with you. It's not maybe. His viewpoint is just a belief system. Just like everyone else's i mean besides don't understand consciousness of what it is and how it works so there's a lot of different ways you can look at it. Yeah i think it's a good point. And i think the scientists who we do bring into surviving death are ones who have taken the time to study this and who are willing to take a different position and i think a lot of the ones who dismiss it are are scientists who have not studied. They haven't taken decades or even a year of time to look into this and to gather data into talk to people who've had the experiences it's it's the scientists who do that that come to an understanding about. That's another problem that you it. Just gets dismissed. We see this kind of attitude. A little bit in the reincarnation episode because this is like the mothers of these children they go to their husbands and say you know what. I think he might be talking about possible. I from the husband's just dismissive straight off. I know. I think it's really interesting. That in both those the two cases that we went into in depth it was both of them involved. The women being more open to it in the men's dismissing it And what's interesting though in both cases is that the husband's eventually understood and agreed that this is what it was in the one case of james lining. Her dad was on a mission to prove his son wrong so he really dive into this. He investigated every single thing every bit of information that was provided him by his young son and every time he did that he proved emma. Right and then eventually he was t became. They found out who he was and he became completely convinced. So yeah it's it's very interesting to see the the between the two.

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