Joe Biden, Cory Booker, Brett Kavanaugh discussed on Mike Broomhead


Of course you can have more for you to hear from the debate what the candidates had to say last night and a preview of what's going to be happening tonight as we have the next round of the debates happening this evening and what the Democrats will say from the podiums tonight will it be any different it's going to be around through two of come out Harris verses Joe Biden will he be a little bit more prepared for I don't know why he was unprepared for the attack I mean you have to expect anything Cory Booker is saying the Joe Biden is the author of mass incarcerations and it's so funny to watch them cannibalize like this and it's just this desire to win at all costs it doesn't matter we watch them destroy Brett Kavanaugh they knew the Brett Kavanaugh was a good man it was the it was again he was collateral damage to an agenda that they thought needed to happen so anxious to see how that goes just after eight o'clock we'll talk expand a little bit more on this border issue we just talked with Hogan Gidley who was that the principal deputy press secretary in the White House it will grow always good to hear from the White House but have somebody that's got the president's ear and is a part of the press team as high up as he is was informational talking about the border but just after eight o'clock the Rio Grande Valley breaks a record and not a good record border apprehensions were gonna get to that coming up just after eight these issues are not going away but it's the idea of how does how do the Republicans the conservatives that are running for office or running for reelection get the message out in a way that resonates with people there are times you got to fight there are times when you have to just pound the issues you know the old saying is that when you have when you have the truth you pound the truth when you don't have the truth you pound the desk the Democrats are pounding the desk there's no doubt about that the Democratic Party right now is pounding the desk they have lost on the economy trickle down economics a rising tide lifts all boats all these things that they said were a false narrative are proving to be absolutely true when they have been done the right way and on the economy the president's done it the right way the tax cuts are working the the businesses small and large in America are adding more jobs added we'll talk about the jobs that have been added in the next hour so if the Republicans across the board if candidates for office can stick to the issues they are going to be very successful because the policies have been very successful.

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