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You at the end of the day. It does just come down to execution. No. And he can he can make you look foolish because he gets him in the right play 99.9% of time and very seldom does. He does not do that. So it's really, really difficult. Even more so combined with the aggressive pushed the ball downfield mentality of Tampa head coach Bruce Arians, someone bears defensive coordinator Chuck Pagano knows very well as his own. Coordinated with the coach in 2012 covering the Bears, Jeff Juniac, NewsRadio 105.9 FM Looking forward Live coverage from Soldier Field kicking off tomorrow for 20 in the afternoon. Every bears game here on W. BBM couple of teams in covert trouble, the Patriots shutting down practice their defensive player of the year. NFL star cornerback Stefan Gilmore test positive and two new Titans positive tests. Handful of teams are in jeopardy this weekend. 18 year old forward Lucas Reichel grew up wanting to play for the Blackhawks in Germany. And now with the 17th pick in last night's NHL draft, Reichel's dream comes true joining the Hawks he's looking forward to break through and two years, Reichel predicts. The Hawks have six more selections and rounds two through seven. Today game for the NBA Finals goes to L. A. They can clinch as soon as Friday. Seattle seizes its fourth WN BA championship Night baseball to the Dodgers over San Diego in the opener, Fiveone walked nine times before its first hit. Play again today. Atlanta Miami At one, the Braves won the opener, rallying for six runs in the seventh inning, Houston, Oakland to 30, the Astros or two. Nothing there went away from there are two wins away from 1/4 win away from a four straight NLCS, the Astros and the Yankees, Tampa and Dodgers Padres on today's baseball schedule as well. Josh lists NewsRadio 7 88 35.9 of them. W BBM news time 11 18 traffic and weather together on the eight sponsored by four seasons, heating.

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