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Has gone down, but I think that's because she's been able to find herself being more of a facilitator and well rounded player rather than just a peer score. Currently she is my number one overall pick. So if your team snags that number one or potentially that number two, Ryan Howard is a name to remember and to pay attention to the rest of the way. All right, let's move on. I've gotten Alyssa Smith as my number two overall out of Baylor. She's a 6 foot four forward and if there were a player I would pick to potentially surpass Ryan Howard is the number one overall and Alyssa is my pick there. In my opinion, the best rebounder in this class this draft class and I don't think it's close. She has an absolute knack for finding the ball and getting there both defensive rebounds and offensive rebounds. And that's a huge, huge part of the game and especially in the WNBA. Players like Sylvia fowles and Rebecca Brunson and others who have done just such a great job at rebounding and making that a hallmark of their career, I see a lot of similarities in the way that they have a sense of how the ball is going to bounce and they're positioning. I see that in Melissa. And I get really excited to see that. Her offensive gameplay really does remind me of Asia Wilson. She, you know, except for she's right handed. So. She basically goes into space just effortlessly. She has a real sense for where space is on the court and just moves into that space. Effortlessly and finds where she can be open to get to receive the past. Finding that open space, I think, is really what has helped her become one of the most efficient scorers in the country. She shoots nearly 70% from the field during her junior year. She's done a fantastic job there. Big time player there in a big time program in Baylor. And I really do think that there's a lot to be said about in the list. I think that her size and her ability to work the interior on both offense and defense is something that I think could really benefit several teams in the WNBA. So again, I think that she's probably going to go one two or maybe three, but I do think she's a top two draft pick currently. Let me just read you off where she's at right now as far as her statistics for this current season. She's averaging 20.4 points per game and 13.2 rebounds. Absolutely insane. Absolutely insane. She got 11 blocks on the season. And where I really like what I really like to see is that her percentage, she shooting 57% from the field, slightly down from last year. But look for that to average back up. Again, she's shot nearly 70% from the field last year. So we know that's in there. She's very efficient. I think the reason why her percentage has gone down is teams are keying in on her. She's a absolute difference maker on both ends of the floor. And teams have to account for. They're in Baylor. That's my take on Melissa Smith. Watch out for her coming into this season's WNBA draft. All right, number three, I really do think that Howard and Smith are kind of in their own tier up at the top from here on, I really think that any of these players, this is where I think I'm going to see the most movement in perhaps my own personal rankings. And again, if you were to ask Steve or Logan or Jason to give you their personal rankings, it likely would look different from mine. Perhaps from this time forward, I know that a lot of them are pretty high on Howard and Smith. But the rest of these, the rest of these, you really could move around quite a bit. The rest of my top ten really here. I've got Shakira Austin currently at my number three. 6 foot 5 center out of old miss Shakira is just phenomenal. I love watching how Shakira plays basketball. She's a big that really knows how to draw a lot of fouls. However, which is big time. If you can get the other teams bigs or if you can get the other team into foul trouble, that gives you so much of an advantage moving forward in any game. And she does a fantastic job of that. She gets to the line constantly. The one drawback to that is that she currently is only shooting 65% from the field this season. So she really could step it up in that regard, getting a little bit better from the line. If she can become a really, if she could become a 75 to 80% free throw shooter throughout the remainder of this season, watch out because I think that there's going to be some teams really clamoring to take a look at Shakira Austin. That's where she's at. She's also a rebounding machine. She's averaging a 9.1 rebounds currently. So not quite where Smith is, but what does a great job there? One knock that I've heard on her is that she can be a little bit turnover prone. She, you know, she'll she'll lose the ball potentially. However, she really makes up for it on the other end of the court, because the amount of blocks and steals that she gets is honestly like Sylvia fowles esque. It's incredible. Fantastic defensive presence on the court. Really needs to just kind of shore things up on her shot on her scoring efficiency and if she can do that, I think that she's gonna carve out a nice place for herself in the league. All right, moving on to my number four.

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