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Were having a problem with it but as this article points at it was previously by the Japanese and ultimately Mitsui if it's on US soil kind of if we have really comes down to it and we have a major problem. I mean it's here so can always bob border food products. Because that's exactly what Julia government did when they when they banned the export of live animals to Indonesia so if we ever end up desperately short of milk at the Chinese a bathing it we can always buy in the export of milks who Jay. We'll obviously there is not border this because there's such a huge demand for milken China and they want to capitalize on that and the Japanese did iron. It apparently just keep dropping the price because nobody else wanted to by signing already. Yeah isn't that odd. Yeah well there was some blowback on this now. It was another podcast. I was listen to a couple of weeks ago. And they were saying that The Chinese were being very Tricky you bet the excess the excess of the of the milk to the Chinese market. And that's why the the Japanese price went down. Because who's the the the Chinese had distorted the market and the choice on. Yeah that China is were saying e couldn't get access to the erecting area because it was owned by a Japanese company and then that that lowered the price and then I got into the Chinese coming in and buying them. That's yeah well that's kind of clever business. It's capitalists as is list and it's just you know. China is a unrestrained unrestrained capitalist economy It's everything's for sale including government decisions if weight watchers says it's seemingly an issue when it's the Chinese reality is that Canada is a beget lane boy in recent years but weight watcher. We did an article not so long ago. That said the Bahamas. Thomas was that was one of biggest buyer of land in recent times. Not The Bahamas companies. He's is set up the tax break. Yes countries yes but companies registered in the Bahamas Moorland than any other nationality Ships registered in Liberia. Isn't it. Yeah and why we would allow that to happen to disguise irony when I was a HAMAS says. Wait what yeah. When I was a kid that the yanks the biggest landholders of they might still be but the Hamas might be catching catching up near the Bahamas because well if it's based on area if you control some really huge exactly you met? Reinhard announced currently owns the biggest kettle station strider fifty percent. That's how the other fifty percent is Chinese minded standing these march on. They think it is right. Time to thank the Patriots Sean. Journal cry John Land. And why Noah Jahmai the beneficiary. Allison Steve Attorney Caitlyn Jimmy Spud Kind Brahmin match I Robert Rod Palais Madman Dominic. Liam dive squeaky wheel. Daniel Harry Pita Kept and Doomsday I I I didn't watch a Andy. Murray Melinda Adam Professor Doctor Dentist Willow Glen Craig Matthew Alexander Pool. Tom Tarot Camille Kim. Donnie Darko Clinton Gavin John and new patrons Tony good on your tiny for coming aboard. Also the non-patrons Titans Dean. CAIN was the beneficiary Mr Anderson Corinne Madman David Beverley and Ann friend of the show and also I just finally really new Patriot supporter sidewise diamond from redline digital. I was having a problem with their website and he And helped me didn't charge. And I said congratulations nail patron. We'll listen if you have a website particularly using wordpress. And you need help Damian aiming from Wrigley digital and that means that Sean does have to help me at all with spreading that got in the bee's balsas was Wina. Landon Hod Bottom Bronwyn Dave Adam Caitlyn Zach Captain Doomsday. Friend of the show in tiny will Mr Anderson and Nubia. CBS sports at Glen Bell. And not drinking a one fifty lashes and it could be either from Bronwyn.

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