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Start to realize how bad of an investment it was until i started to build an audience and then that's when the that's when the awareness really started to kick in i can i say approval is like a cup with hole in searching for approval is like a cub when the it so tell me what lessons how you summarize lessons that you've learned from going through that experience of constantly searching for approval that it's there's there's no reward at the end of the end of the road there is no reward. Damn stop right there. I mean that. That just like smacks you in the face and ladies and gentlemen think about that carefully. And i think john's already mentioned it. That searching for approve or doing things for the purposes of getting approval is like getting a cup with a hole in it and then to say that. There's no return it shocking. I mean how many people listening to this podcast right now and people all around the world are literally working their asses off to do something to get approval and there is no return any other lessons. I'd say that. That was the biggest one but i had enough of those experiences because it's was not one. Large investment necessarily it was a lot of small diversified my investments and right i diversified my words investment so like partners and friends family all of that stuff but it always lead to the same return until i started investing in myself when i started investing in myself and doing the work for myself. Ben i started to see a return because it's not so much. The micro success is that you create for yourself lead up to the the big successes that you starts experience so when you cash out you can kind of like search back and look at everything that you've done and realize the fact that like i built something for me instead of sitting there and building building up the net worth of all of these other people building houses and castles for everybody else..

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