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Welcome to kiss myths and mysteries. Your host kit crum and today's podcast is coming to you from the rogue valley metaphysical library where i continue to look into metaphysical and paranormal with me. The owner of ashland. Oregon's mystique mich- psychic boutique. And i have rain. Also with me a clairvoyant. Now did i pronounce your name right. Mystic missions mystic metrics on my first question is for you. What is a psychic boutique. And are you psychic. Yes so a second fatigue When i would when i would describe The boutique to be is a place. Where people of all faiths spiritual lists philosophies can come in congregate in find any type of spiritual aid or item whether to crystal talisman for their for their next for protection a candles To help to help them in any way are you psychic. I would say. I am in certain aspects. I have a. I feel like every psychic or intuitive person has their their niche their expertise in a certain type of clare moines. See or being psychic for me. I'm actually a psychic. Who can smell sense. I forgot the torello terminology on what that is. But it's not clear sentient claire santana's different even the word centers in there. That's the feeling it's the feeling not member name. Well there's all different types of clair's we're going to be discussing here in just a minute so we can. We can get back to our definition of terms okay. Rain really curious. What is a clairvoyant. And when did you first come to the realization until now we're in the back. I got explain the phone. We're in the back of the metaphysical library. And i hope somebody answers that quickly. But but Tell us what a clairvoyant is. And what a into us. Well there's many different ways of working with the subconscious mind at everybody has the ability to tap into that ocean of the mind. It's it becomes a read a lot about it. Only because i've wanted to learn about myself and my own understanding of clairvoyance as well Everybody has a different way of connecting. In hoping i'm making sense but For instance if. I'm speaking to another claire. They're gonna bring me an answer to a question that i may have in my subconscious mind or i may have been thinking of..

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