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With the impact of what these are going to have on their lives because as we use them and record god's word to us yeah and remember those things then it changes our life and so that's one thing i wanted to mention and i've watched and i mean it's very. I was watching and going. This makes so much sense. How come i didn't think about this. Yeah on my own. And i'm like oh my gosh. This is so helpful the lord just that day he gave me. The idea was like you've worked on getting organized on every other area of your life. What about your spiritual life. Are you organized. Have you put any time into thinking about. And the creator of the universe has just spoken to you. Is it worth writing down. So yeah. that's that's definitely something. I wanted to mention today. Because that's a huge tool and no-guilt no-guilt if you miss a day two weeks months get back at it. You get back at it but use use it. Use it in hand in hand with your bible yeah And you have a website and an email. So do you want to get so coach. Mom tribe dot com is. My website gives a lot information. There is an email contact on there. You can contact me that way or brenna dot stole at I've got some exciting things going on right now. We've got the membership which i give small steps each to the moms and then i meet with them once a month to touch base on those things and they're everything from home organization to parenting to marriage stuff. We have contests we had a this summer. We had an and create challenge for the coach. Mom tribe kids. Oh and they were all competing and these kids got into it and they're they're they got extra points at their moms took pictures and posted what they did so we had moms who posted one hundred twenty one hundred pictures of their kids doing things in the meant to july creative things and they came up with some of the most creative things and ended up with like we had kids with five hundred point. Seven hundred point nine hundred points and then we did a big drawing for these ninja lineup swords with noise and all this style whereas the girl there was a girl when to but a girl but we we do things like that we also have like a house shine challenge where we have this game board and we fill in as we organized different spots in our homes to make fun. Yeah for not only the moms make fun for their family. But i'm trying to make it fun for the moms. So that's coach mom tribe and i opened the membership usually about three times a year. Okay and i'm also about to launch the coach. Mom collective witch. This is a group that you have to qualify for in. It's just seven moms then. I'm going to work with every week. Why in their homes like we're gonna meet by zoom so anyone can do it but we're going to tackle every single week. I'm going to be like holding their hands..

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