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Would still want you to crash on doors down five just before Highway 5 12 that's taking up the right line that's causing a backup from Bridgeport. Way to the scene. Our next couple traffic at 7 24. The Kamo forecast from the diversified crawl Space Weather Center. Good evening. Art Sanders along with you. Mostly cloudy tonight lows in the thirties tomorrow, chance to rein in the morning rain at times in the afternoon highs mid forties Friday windy rain likely in the morning that Arena times in the afternoon high stopping out the upper forties Saturday. Mostly cloudy chance of rain in the morning and rain likely by afternoon with highs upper forties Sunday and Monday. Rain at times both days with highs near 50 Tuesday. Mostly cloudy chance of rain per forties. Overnight lows around 40. That's your latest weather from the Comal forecast team at Chinese hospitals, the Children they are a million reasons to share. Love. My buddy Caleb is one of them. This is his story. Hi. I'm two hours form with spittle points is I broken my bones Almost 200 times I have had 11 surgeries, but I did You let that stop me. There are a million reasons to share love, but you only need one and learn how you can share love visit love Shriners dot org's right now, more than 125,000 Children are waiting to be adopted from foster care. The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption works around the clock to find them the permanent loving homes they deserve. You can help learn more at Dave Thomas Foundation daughter Warg. Before I was adopted. I felt like nobody wanted me. I felt like my life was already over. Just certain age. They don't want.

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