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Minnesota the governor there activates the National Guard to respond to violence following a black man's death in police custody and we there is a news conference coming up will be monitoring that and bring you any further developments as well here on KNX or something so you will have to get used to if you take a trip to the dentist anytime soon as more and more businesses open their doors I discovered going to the dentist is quite a different experience than it was say three or four months ago my personal dentist open their doors for the first time during the shut down within the last week I had chipped off a part of my crown so I fell under an emergency visit I knew right away things have changed first when I arrived I had to wait in my car until I called the office and they escorted me and because of social distancing my dental hygienist thrilled to be working again had PP on that maybe feel like I'd taken a wrong turn and ended up in a hospital ER but as we all know that's the new reality the state office of emergency services is distributed some twenty five thousand personal protective equipment kits to licensed dentist in California Randy cartoon can extend seventy newsradio a southern California teenager has just received his fourth college degree and he's not done yet not by a long shot the young graduates received diplomas from Fullerton college in his front yard thank.

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