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Been completely transformed. Not just the Saudi economy, but also Saudi society, the government began selling that oil and money started to pour in the government was making a lot of money from oil, and they were using that both to develop their country, but they were also employing a lot of people cushy government jobs became plentiful, Walt says and once you right in you pretty much set for life by twenty sixteen two-thirds of employed Saudis walked in the public sector, according to the Saudi ministry or flavor carrying young with the American Enterprise Institute in Washington DC says Saudis came to expect government jobs as well as cheap subsidized fuel water and electricity for the jobs. They didn't want to do like cleaning construction work and sales jobs. They brought in foreign workers. And so by asking for years to come in and do lower-wage menial work Saudis haven't had to do that kind of work. And that's true in a lot of African countries like the US, but here's the thing with basing your entire economy on oil. There's only so much of it and market prices. Go up and down the Saudi population has also been growing. So it costs more to provide the same level of assistance. So the government took the step to say, okay, we're going to reduce subsidies, especially on electricity and water and fuel carrying young again. And we're also going to implement a value added tax of five percent tax on everything you buy into. This has been a real shift in the way that we think about the relationship between citizen and the state what's expected, and what you get in return. And Jane, Kenan Mon who has studied Saudi economy and politics for the past fifteen years says the government didn't stop there. It started a campaign to tell Saudis. Hey, menial jobs are well jobs ten years ago. You had to labor minister Saudi Arabia being photographed slipping. Burglaries because they wanted to send a message that menial jobs actually could be a sources trade all their Saudis grumbled, but younger Saudis, especially women in braced some of these.

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