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And going out to his car to leave for the nouri why would you just getting car and listen to music for a while before you leave it seems strange to me at that our ray you know especially at that hour michael pulls his car up alongside of cans and they have a discussion according to michael boyd this conversation it's a work conversation it takes place sometime between twelve to twelve a m sorry and two twenty am michael boys says after the conversation he leaves in his car and he's he goes to drive home as he's pulling out in into the alley he says that he nearly hit someone he sees to people in the parking lot this is not kent can is not one of the people that he's describing as his younger people right well uh as does he not make that claim to be clear all he says that he sees michael sees to people and he cannot tell if the people are male or female us so basically right oh description of the people anomalies moms yes so these two people could be chuck and ryan because they would have to of have arrived sometime in this timeframe to the parking lot at the columbia daily tribune and you'll see why here in a minute so the attack would go something like this can't would be hit in the head or neck area about eleven or twelve times with some unknown object or the tire tool as chuck had said right then as the victim can't is down on all fours from the blows he just took someone you know and that someone according to chuck is ryan pulls the victims bell off now he would have had to have done this according to the police by pooling by pulling up from the left hand side you know from from like reaching a round from behind can't on the left side in grabbing the bell and pulling it up and off rain they came to this conclusion because two of the belt loops on the left side of kent's pants were ripped or torn off.

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