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As chairman of the board. He is president of gulf coast capital core capital. You need him to manage for you. Caruth listeners karuk joined the houston last auction rodeo in nineteen seventy and in nineteen eighty two. He joined the lamb auction committee. This makes me think a bill bailey. Standing down there on the floor those kids and just having a ball watching those kids in the caf wrote and all out so beatty brady. Caruth will be the chairman of the board re elected to the board. Were warner irvine. Ray hensley. Jp hap- honeycutt see people don't have good names anymore nicknames anymore. Ramon we need. We need more people to go back to the old fashioned nicknames. Everybody cannot be bob or tom or cayden or waden or raden or the these all these cameron. We need people to have names like they used to have back in light hap- unnecess- a good name. Red red is another one. You hap- honeycutt july july good but i'm talking about nicknames. Parker johnson kelly. Jay larkin md. I'm not sure we need to put the md in that person's name. What percentage of kelly's do you think our men and our women if it spelled with a y what would you guess. What percent is men if j. k. e. l. l. y. Twenty percent is men. now it's way more net. What about tracy. If it's with a why if it's i it's always a woman almost always a woman but if it's a while what percentage you think it is seventy five percent men if it's a why none a dime pat man phillips wesley seigneur or see nor robbie smith and giovan mater or maitree esque. Joe van maitree. That's a good name out there. Joe van he probably goes by both see. This other thing is nobody goes by two names anymore. When i was growing up everybody went by to name. Joe van joe. Wylie lifetime members don buckle. Tillman j. for tita. I don't really feel like we need the j. It's not like there were two tillman for titas and we needed a j two separate them. Wayne hollis ed mcmahon. I don't believe that's that one chris. Richardson charles are butch robinson. See there's a great story. Charles are butch robinson and see when you meet a guy like that. How'd you get to name butch because you know their mom didn't name butch well when i was growing up and you know people. I grew up with kidney. Tater tater his real name was vance wilson. But nobody knows him. Nobody's ever known him as vance. He's tater that's the name there. John smith paul g somerville. He's a good dude. That's a very dear friend of mine. Keith steph eq and jim wyndham and then the officers do you want to officers. Ramon you better say yes. Because these are the people when you want tickets that i call thomas j baker the third triple sticks. Larry bodyguard or bigger i apologize. I don't know dr. Brian j blonder see. I don't think we need the doctor on there. I really don't robert clay. You want a good robert play story. This is a. Who's who ramon this is a. Who's who radio. So did you see the photo. I posted on the atavism lamborghini. Ferrari whatever it was the new one and so it had that big back but it had a a license plate that that had the texas aggie logo on their symbol on there. And then it said something like d. student or no no said. Gpa one point zero or something like that. Do you remember that it went viral. People loved it. That was robert clay. But i didn't know it was his. When i did it so i guess somebody told him about it and he texted me and said that's me jackass. I said well you should be happy. I posted it. You put it on there. You must want people to know ed takura allen folder han garcia john g nukus john glitter zero and e r butch guerrero. So you got to bushes on here bill. Hanna alicia jim emerson. That's our dear friend. Alicia michelle lily. Emit story emit owes story junior. These scott sullivan. How come you put the initial owner. Last kind of fancy like ex-cop puckett chris under brink dunkin. Underwood the underwood's ramon. You don't know this whole money. Who's as financial management firm tanya. Jorgensen jack's oh i hadn't even got to the board of directors yet you want the board of directors. Okay a net. Bisbee shane boatman. Walter campbell robert dallas garrison. See another one. You got to have a little name there like that dallas hall preston hall carson joachim tyson kennedy russell mccain amy coats monteverde orlando bob nelson clint arms robert. Pike junior keith powell kerry robertson. Michael sachs shane shepherd. Terron sims david smith scott townsend john shala ryan off and randy blake wise. And then do you want the list of the lifetime directors. It's only seven. Let me do. It would come this for mike. Chambers chuck davis gary feature lawrence levy. That's our buddy. Larry levy that runs a jewish voice rob niblett. He's a real estate guy. Robert pain and ozil price. Those are oh yes. Here's another one. Connie stagner said her. Dad's nickname was bud. See you don't have buds anymore and buzz buzz another one. You know what. Let's do that for one segment because nobody else in radio can get away with doing this but we can. I want you to call up until what nickname somebody that you know had and it can't be bubble. It's gotta be something that we've never heard in if there's a story for it it doesn't have to be. You could be a family member but if there's a story behind it that's even better like well is name snake. Because when i see six i went down to create and a snake bit me and after that everybody called me snake like i was kenny. Stabler so okay see. That's good like if that's really your name if you introduce people as that if you introduce yourself to people as that or somebody you know did so. Don't do any buds or buzz or read. We've got those covered if you or somebody you know goes by a nickname like people would know you as that and then have to ask. What is your real name then. Seven one three two one two five eight seven four seven one three two one two five eight seven four but i know what you're thinking ramone you're thinking well what about the black line. Black people don't have nicknames. What do.

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