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You know what that is today one point four trillion dollars the cost of education is going up forty one percent per year there are now eighteen 100 college majors you wouldn't believe the college majors that you can get now you can get a college major on on the star wars you can get a college major on just about anything they gave an honorary degree already right and you've gone into debt for that and out of those college majors only one out of four get a job in their field you know this is hurting this is hurting housing it is hurting marriage it is hurting entrepreneurship the idea that i can get married have a family by a house start my own business when you're this much in debt can i think about buying a house you can get out of debt you're not thinking about getting married 'cause you're not financially responsible enough to have kids start your own business i have too much dan already this is systematically taking us apart and what are we doing we are arguing over the starspangled banner which the fifth verse is all about stopping slavery really that is how sweet your life is colin man i i think there's a lot of people all around the world that would love to have the swede has gig debut have had had the sweet retirement plan that you're under they love to have a fraction of that they'd love to have the opportunity to lose their job to blame gabar two they would think that was wonderful and you know that's what happened before he was a protester before he was mr anti police before he was wearing pigs socks he lost his job to a guy commonly referred to as a complete disaster i quarterback he lost his job to blame gabar and you know all these people that want to tell you he should be on a roster by want to remember that mm is the dead of night you wake up kind of in a fog is that just here is that glass shattering somebody in the house you reach over you unlock your nightstand safe your hand closes in around the handgun it's await the your your hand is familiar with it's been there before hopefully at this point your basic training kicks in because the next few minutes going to be a blur you now have to go and protect your family from an intruder who.

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