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You lose them. Hey, I lost them. They send you a new pair, man. That's an unreal deal. Yeah, you know? Fucking right. Confused. No, I'm still thinking about the situation. I hope I didn't come off too hard, too, 'cause I'm trying to see all the sides. And even for yo, you think you always the head coach there next year? Don't forget guys, they had a 37 year old right-wing playing in that line up that night too, that has like four points. So they're not too worried about the future. So why don't you put yandle as a 13 forward? Or the 12th, you know, or 12 forward or 7th D he doesn't need to play the power play, but you can't say it's all about the future and you have this 37 year old with four points. And I also heard it was the coach's decision, which I'm not in those conversations. I'm not in that room, right? So then I was like, what? That's bizarre. If it was the coach's decision and he was the one who was putting him in the lineup to break the record, why wouldn't he just keep him in? And I don't want to keep talking about this, but wait, do you think I was too critical and taken seeing both sides of it? No, no, there are two sides to it. Like I said on every single story and event in this league, there's always two sides. It's just, I'm kind of on the side of like, you have nothing going on there this year. There's zero reason to end that streak. There really is. And even if you want to end it at a thousand and give somebody the three final games. To me, I completely disagreed. But having seen Mike ruppell played a lot more games than me and Hal Gil played a lot more games than me, completely disagree. You know, there are definitely players who don't kind of sit with me, but I also know what was said inside that locker room. Hey, wasn't the D who stepped into minus four? But I hammered the hammer the leafs though that night. You just knew that flyers were going to get bad karma. You knew it said the locker room wasn't going to feel good about that game and the leafs went out and what they scored 6 or 7 goals. I mean, they've also lost the leafs. They're awesome. The leafs have me and Philly's two thirds of their game right now. Not gonna lie. I boys has been tons of score in the season, tons of points. That means a lot more milestones and Connor McDavid, Wednesday night in the four three shootout win over LA, he reached 100 points for the 5th time in his career. He's up to a 105 points in 69 games and he's got 12 more games to pass his career high of 108. He's probably going to blow that out of the water. He's the 19th player with 5 100 point seasons. He's only in the 7th season for comparison. Sid has 6 in 17 seasons, so not to make a McDavid versus Sid, but just to put it in perspective, only two guys in league history with a ten plus 100 point seasons of Mario and Wayne saw again McDavid just on this unreal trajectory. And just last night his teammate Leon draisaitl became the second player this year to hit 50 goals and he made it 6 to one versus Anaheim, just the second time he's hit 50. He needs one more for new career high and he's the third active player with multiple 50 goal seasons after ovi and stem. McDavid just keeps getting it done, Leon right alongside him. Well, and McDavid, he would have hit it in all 7 seasons if it wasn't for the shutdown because of COVID and then the injury as well. I think he was, I think it was a year where he ran into the goalpost, wasn't it? Yeah. That good point. So he would be 7 for 7. Guys, it's remarkable. And it's almost like we're the term I'm looking for. We're so used to it. I mean, we don't even really have them in the heart conversation this year, but he's going to end up running away with the scoring title again. Yeah, we're taking them for granted at this point, but it's very special. They got two special guys that are fun to watch. And I mean, as far as dry style is concerned, I mean, the guy kills penalties as well. So he's just an absolute fucking horse. And you talk about being scared of the Toronto Maple Leafs. I'm starting to get a little bit scared of the oilers. And people are like, oh, what are you scared about? They don't have any goaltending. I feel like they are starting to get that mojo. And their record under the new coach is incredible. They're just finding ways to win. They look like they're having a good time. I can tell you a lot right now, sorry, but no, no, go ahead. I've loved following your guys Calgary Edmonton bed all year long. I've wrote a couple blogs about it. I've made some boost because of it. And I've been on business side the whole time. Like the oilers, there's brutal, but I just was happening to look at the standings today. Edmonton would play the LA kings and Calgary might have to end up playing Las Vegas. Vegas. That is not a good matchup. If Edmund can even get home ice first the LA kings, they're moving on and then Calgary has got to deal with Vegas who nobody wants to deal with. I agree with you on paper that scares me. I have actually, since they've been on this run, watch more LA kings games, that even though they got some guys you've never heard of in the lineup, they are fast, they play extremely well defensively. They get timely saves, and they're a bugger to play against. They ended up beating Calgary in Calgary the other night in that shootout. And then where do they end up playing the night before that? And then they win a peg. They got 5 of 6 points Edmonton Calgary Winnipeg. And then they ended up coming back on Edmonton scoring those two quick goals. But but if I could a 100%. Edmonton looks knock on wood three times at your right hand. If Edmonton gets in. There could be no other matchup you'd rather want than LA. Give me that. Not for sure. That's what I'm saying. And the worst matchup would be vague. Like you don't want to see Vegas if they get all healthy. I sent out a tweet after that oilers win the other night. I sent her to tweet. I said, I'm starting to get a little bit nervous. I'm starting to get nervous, just like you were nervous the entire season about your left ear getting pierced. I'm starting to get nervous about having the Peterman's biz on national television. Somebody reach out to me too. Maybe a jewel well, I know we got Larry flowers as a jeweler, but I don't know how much money I could spend in terms of I want the cross if I do lose the hanging cross to be like two pink Whitney bottles that I'd be kind of sick. You know where I put a little advertising on the cross that I'll have for pink diamonds call. Is there a name for them? They're asking the wrong guy. A couple falling off a truck into RA's house one other than that. I start on cut gems a couple times..

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