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The show would not be complete if i did not bring up the extreme protest damage violence happening at the g twenty summit it happened in germany on lot of the media have been silent all this talk about trump and his our twitter or flo one not shaking his hand there's a big issue here in the midst of all of these world leaders converging upon the g twenty summit but if go at all go verging on this g twenty this is a i did we put our now i will give him a pass today meet is slow from friday all right so everybody's converging coming together world leaders but the people are protesting dave mcclatchy would police officers wearing riot gear water cannons pepper spray all of this has been unleashed all the protesters and urban avenues and slashed rates have been set up blame ah the skyline of germany's second largest city has been silhouette it completely in a charcoal of hayes smoke the violence that has erupted in the pages of global dignitary does not appear to be dissipating any time zone fifteen thousand cops have been deployed one hundred sixty of them have been injured reinforcements have been summoned in addition to the spanish growing number of police already on the ground and they cannot date only seventy have been arrested fourteen protesters have been injured but i guarantee you that number is absolutely going to increase this is happening because people everyday people doesn't matter their mayor jean a german they are sick and tired of the elite make a decision that benefit the lead only and creating propaganda around those decisions to make you i believe that this this digestible for you and if you digest this malarkey you too can be one.

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