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The sixth man of the year award for the twenty eighteen twenty nineteen National Basketball Association season on June twenty fourth Williams average twenty points while making forty two and a half percent of his shots and eighty eight percent of his free throws he scored at least twenty points thirty five times including forty five points against the Minnesota Timberwolves on February eleventh and forty points versus the Oklahoma City thunder on March eighth the clippers guard made fifty two percent of the shots and all sixteen of his free throws against the timbre walls twenty five days later he made fifty four percent of the shots versus the funder hi Derek stone and this is my sixty seconds sun sports I guess I guess so somewhere in Michigan sort of an unusual name I'm untangling mouse spaghetti hang in there I'll be right back I should have done prior to the show but I never wore I work with on that don't go anywhere why am I the only one that sees this you know one ever notice that doing a business thanks for your unpaid tax collector that's all you are unpaid.

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