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Welcome back Jimbo Hanako at 18665, Jimbo 1866554626. The case of General Mark Milley is far from over. There will be congressional testimony ahead and I would have to think that our guest Jim Hanson is right that he will be considered at some point a hot potato and will be quietly told that it's time for you to resign now and go forth, write a book and get 50 grand a pop on the lecture circuit. That's why I guess it's called punishment Lives. Calls in from Slingerlands, New York. Hello, Liz. Hi. Good evening, Jim. And it's Jim. The other Jim is Right? Yes, indeed. Yes. Jim Hansen. That's correct. Right? I have a question Are you are either of you familiar with the Los Angeles Times article. From this justice path Wednesday. China is purging celebrities and tech billionaires. But the problem is purging them. Did he say. Yes, Trying to it. What? What way? I mean, what are they? What are they doing? Are they taking their money? Kicking them out of their positions of authority? What exactly are they doing? To quote? Purge these people? Well, Jim, I started to read it and then I got I'm all right. I'm an older person, okay? And I'm very upset with what is going on. And there's just so much bad news. I can take But one night I asked my son what he If this was going to hurt his work, he said, that it's going to affect the whole world. It's what exactly is his work that might be affected by this. International shipping. Okay? Uh, There's celebrities of disappeared, people are disappearing. Uh, yeah, I see that. I found the article in question here. Apparently, these are Are these celebrities are Chinese. And according to this story in the Los Angeles time, Celebrity names are vanishing from the credits of Chinese TV shows. A feminist male idols called Sissy Boys, apparently in China have been vilified. Tech moguls have been urged to donate billions of dollars to philanthropy and kids have gone back to school with new rules banning foreign textbooks and requiring more classes on the ideology of the leader. Xi Jinping. So I see the story. I'm not sure quite how it relates to what we're talking about. But it, uh, it does sound as though uh, Jim Henson. It sounds as though uh, Chinese President Xi is, uh, having delusions of mounts a tongue in a way. Yeah, It's an element of a burgeoning cultural revolution, which would be horrifying but not obviously unprecedented. And I think that's one of the dangers that that I think most Americans don't understand is China is not a normal country. China is a communist, totalitarian state, and they are not about to allow anything that could undermine their authority. To grow popular. So when these celebrities you know, get to a point where they could, their voice could damage the goals of the Chinese Communist Party. They're going to disappear. You know, that's a longstanding totalitarian regime technique. Um, they will whitewash them from history. They will, you know, take their assets and they will move on from there. And I think that's something that unfortunately our own tech companies are helping them. Do Google and Twitter and Facebook and the rest jump when the Chinese Communist tell them to, and they helped airbrush history for them. And I think that's something we should pressure at least our own companies that have a better and More ethical way to doing business, and it's bad enough that we use things made by Chinese slave labor. But I mean the willingness of corporate leaders in this country a corporate whores as far as I'm concerned. To kiss the Chinese buttocks in search of getting access to that billion plus Chinese market is astounding. In my view, Thomason, Arcata, California Good evening. You lived in gym and to your guest, Jim. First of all, thank you. Both men for your service to the military. Thank you. I just had a question. This thing was the score on with Martin. Really? I think it should be court martialed. Now. The one. The president called the president of the Afghanistan right before the fall out if Biden head known about Millie's intentions, and vice versa. Could have sitting center are kind of sitting president ever be court martialed. That's my burning question. You know, court martial is A process that applies to people in the uniform military. The only thing you can do to a president Is to impeach and convict them. Okay. Thank you. Yes, sir. Absolutely. Jim Hansen. It occurs. We haven't actually asked you what exactly? The Security studies group does what one would find if they go to securities, part of the security studies dot org. We're think tank that specializes in information operations. So we have done both research and analysis and conducted operations in support of US strategic goals. In the information spaces, and that's less on the cyber side and more on the narrative side. All too often. Obviously, the media is biased against quality. Information about US goals, and it's difficult for the United States to get a fair shake. So we've tried to kind of level the playing field and provide analysis of that when, when the U. S government needs to find out what is being said, and what can be done to counter that 26 65 Oh, Jimbo are number 18665054626 and more with our guest Jim Hansen on the Bohannon show in just a moment. What can give you a competitive edge.

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