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To you have a structure panel. Just listen whenever you got free time. Interesting thought, let me know thank you so much for all the messages on last week's episode with Jacob Anderson. It was a really beautiful episode. And I think probably one of my favorite conversations that we've had so far. I know it took a lot of people. So thank you so much. Now this week's episode was going to be a conversation with comedian actor writer Natasha Dmitry and on Saturday. The Berlin Adam books on his podcast, which I love. She was a guest on his. This week. So what didn't wanna do not as Laura against it? I just didn't wanna cross the podcast streams an half her on ours and on Adams the same week. So she will come on next week. I think yes. Next week. She will be on onto this week. It is episode sixty three with standards condoms bake stand up comedian Brennan race. I'm no you're gonna say, Greg very male heavy at the moment just mail mail after week. I know it's just the way it's going, but next we'll have Natasha. And then I think we're going to have their live episode from the Manchester podcast festival with Ralph little on the mail crate. Yes, I know. But it's just the way is it's I can only get the conversations with people when I can. But after hours.

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