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The past two years. Only one antonio antonio brown has turned the new helmet guidelines into an excuse to skip training camp and denigrate the employer that has made him ridiculously wealthy jon gruden and the raiders have tried coddling brown over the past three weeks he showed up to training camp in a hot air balloon shortly after show the team his badly frostbitten and feet gruden proclaim brown was innocent of all wrongdoing gruden called brown santa claus a christmas present. The raiders couldn't wait to unwrap brown responded what about leaving camp and declaring war on the n._f._l. Overthrew helmet rules gruden answered with more coddling and rationalism well the seduction baby my finally be over after a._b. Once again disappeared from training camp on sunday raiders general manager mike mayock indicated to reporters that he's fed up with brown's clownish behavior so here's the bottomline. He's upset about the helmet issue. We have supported that. We appreciate that okay but we've at this point. We've pretty much exhausted all avenues of relief so from our perspective. It's time for him to be all in. We're all allow a._b._c. is all in. He's all in on a. b. That's not changing. He's not accountable reliable. He's a clown and he's done with clowns do when they're trying to justify irrational actions they create a distraction a._b. Burned up his feet so he flew into camp in a hot air balloon. When the balloon wasn't enough he turned to complain about his helmet. When the helmet distraction wore off he played the race card a._b. Is just another high profile. Self-centered narcissists looking to use race to defend personal snow failure is the epitome of selling out. There are people who have legitimately endured racial and fairness a._b. Dishonors them with this foolishness furthermore he dishonors a league in a profession that has rewarded him handsomely. Would antonio brown a multimillionaire in any other profession. We'd be a doctor doctor or lawyer. Things didn't work out in the n._f._l. Maybe it'd be a librarian or a history professor in terms of benefiting black men football not just the n._f._l. All is one of the greatest industries in american history. I am sick and tired of a handful of current and former players with virtually no work experience outside of football aw swearing the n._f._l. Is some kind of racist. Plantation spent a year working inside a factory spending. You're working inside. Corporate america spend a year. You're in the newspaper industry then come. Tell me how oppressive it is playing football for a living. I can't take it with them. I can't wear whatever helmet i want..

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