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To get to the important stuff. We'll get to it coming up. We'll get to Bill Cosby. Why, exactly as he's suddenly out of jail and we all know he's guilty. Why is he out of jail? We'll get to the mayoral election. What's wrong with this board of elections? Why can't they tell us anything? Even the latest round that's been released? Well, we're not even sure about that. We'll get to all of that stuff. Get to Miami. What's going on there? President Biden and his weekend shenanigans coming up the Kamala Harris office. A total disaster will go over that. So Alan Wisenberg is the CFO chief financial officer of the Trump Organization. I believe he's been there longer than anybody 48 years he was There when I think when Fred Trump was still in the company, Uh, one thing about the Trump organization. Everybody's been there forever. He's really a great boss. Anybody works there will tell you that Now you've You think of any major? Anybody? There's always an ex employee. That will tell you horror stories. Remember Leona Helmsley? How many ex employees came forward to tell you? What a vicious rule you've never Ever heard of an ex Trump employee ever saying anything bad about him? Except, of course, the, uh, sleazeball Michael Cohen, but he was not actually an employee was there part time? It was never an actual full time employee at the company, but you've never heard anybody bad mouth him from the company and everybody. That's there's Jim. Most of them have been there. 20 years. 30 years. Wisenberg 48 years. Good guy. They've been investigating the Trump organization Cy Vance, who let all the rioters go. You know the ones that were arrested for looting, smashing, trashing, destroying businesses all over New York last summer, taking hundreds of thousands of dollars where the stuff he announced about two weeks ago that he's dropping all charges against him, and I could have charged them. And you'll notice what he's done with the low level criminals all over New York Street criminals, crime robbing. That's just lets them go. He's been the worst district attorney ever in the history of New York, a total a left wing progressive let the criminals go. Crime has just spiked out of control under his watch, along with Cuomo and de Blasio. But he's highly partisan. These very political remember, it was pretty obvious. Harvey Weinstein needed to be charged, and Vance wouldn't charge him. Wouldn't do it had to be finally shamed into charging him so very, very, very peculiar choices from Cy Vance. And obviously it's all partisan and He wants to get trump so Cy Vance. By the way, his term is up. He'll be gone by the end of the year, but he wants to go out on the lowest note possible so He's obsessed with getting Donald Trump. This is he's a Soviet type of district attorney in the American system. There's a crime you investigate. See who did it in the Soviet system. You pick an individual you don't like and then you hunt for a crime. Cy Vance had no crime, but he hates Trump. So he's gonna look Same thing with the Letitia James. These two Far left partisans target a guy then look for a crime and they'll just keep investigating and investigating and investigating that I can find something depend on him. Remember about four or five months ago in court, Cy Vance won the right to get Donald Trump's tax returns. And about 4.5 months ago you saw in the news that day, a big, huge truck pulled up to deliver Donald Trump's tax returns, all of them to side advance and tax return of Donald Trump says 1500 pages so Here were these massive massive tax returns, boxes and boxes. Being loaded out of the truck brought into, say, Vance's office. That was 4.5 months ago. For four months. They looked over those tax returns they brought in forensic accountants. They went through every Every inch of those tax returns and 4.5 months later, they found Nothing. There is nothing wrong in those tax returns. They couldn't find a damn thing illegal in those tax returns. That's why there's no charges against Trump. No charges based on those tax returns, so If you're sleazy prosecutors, Soviet style prosecutor. What do you do? Well, you find somebody over there and you terrorize them into giving you something, Remember? They did this to General Flynn. Set them up in an interview. You catch him on some little process crime. You indict his kids threatened to send his kids to jail. I mean, this is real Soviet stuff from Cy Vance. So they did this with Wisenberg. They were about to indict his sons. There's another good executive there, Matt. Culinary Good guy. They were about to do it to him. His kid who works in the Trump organization, They've dropped everything against him, I guess. He would look too ridiculous to have to fake cases. But they're going to go ahead with Wisenberg. They indicted him and he surrendered this morning. Later today, they'll announce the exact charges from what I hear. You're not going to believe this. The charges using a company car And the company apartment. And there's one report. Maybe the company paid for his one of his kids. School tuition. This stuff is common standard practice. It goes on all over the place in all major corporations. You're the CEO, CFO major corporations. You get to use the company car. You get to use the company apartments you get to use the company Private jet. Goes on all the time. It goes on everywhere. Let me point out. Cy Vance uses a company car and driver and police detail. If you're the district attorney, you get a car. A driver Some. You got a couple of cops to guard you and this is all free. They just handed to you. I don't think it ever occurred to Cy Vance to declare this on his income tax. When you watch people on TV talking about this, if he's watch Fox or MSNBC, they brought on these guests to talk about it. I've been one of those guests many times. And when you're the guest, they send you a car. A car with a driver comes to pick you up. Yeah, every guest every time. And when you're done, you come outside..

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