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Alone. Matt is here to help. Call our twenty four hour victim helpline at eight seven seven mad health or visit mad dot org. That's MADD dot ORG. For some scattered storms will run back to the mid to upper seventies isolated storms, especially early four Saturday. It is wanna get hot ninety five heat index close to one zero five stray shower thunderstorm, Saturday night, slight chance for showers and storms on Sunday. Jeffey. No from the Weather Channel on San Antonio's, official weather station, NewsRadio twelve hundred w Carey pet resort serving San Antonio pets and their people for forty two years, prescription price required online, physician consultation and are only available. If the physician determines the prescription is appropriate. See website for full details. Hey guys canoes the outrageously expensive little blue pill is now generic, which means you can get the prescription medication to E D at affordable, prices and hymns makes it extra affordable right now. Get your first month supply for free. All you pay just five dollars for your medical consultation, when you go to four hymns dot com slash excite after that, it's just thirty bucks for a month's supply. Sure. Beats paying big bucks for just one blue pill. Doesn't it? Plus, you won't need an awkward in person. Doctor's appointment to give. The prescription hims- has doctors online who can prescribe the medication and a pharmacy sends it right to your door. It's affordable private and incredibly easy. Nobody likes dealing with the now thanks to him. Nobody has to, and that's really good news to get your first order for just five bucks. You need to go to this exclusive address, four hymns dot com slash excite. That's four hymns dot com slash excite for your first month for just five bucks. Four hymns dot com slash excite found the whole experience of buying a car, actually. Is the place. Listen, twenty nine hundred Kia Optima LX for only one fifty nine a month or lease twenty nine hundred Sorrento LX for one ninety nine a month and every new vehicle from bulk Arquette, the lifetime warranty and lifetime. I got the car. I wanted with alone that fit my budget shop online or visit any store in San Antonio. Horny brothels four left office with credit. Call eight six six six seven two two seven to one for details. Construction, transportation manufacturing oil and gas and agriculture the most dangerous industries for workplace accidents if you were injured in a workplace accident, call Thomas J today, two zero six five six one thousand ten. From that little blue box. It's pretty pricey. Meet Brittany tailings, a diamond expert who used to work at one of those jewelry stores with the colored boxes and the sticker shock would come in, and they would have an idea, then they're like, whoa, does that how much that really is? I would then discover what their price range was. And then I wouldn't have to shuffle on down to the much smaller care weights under, like, oh, that looks like a little chip of ice. A lot of times they would leave empty handed with now the cheese at diamonds direct, it's the opposite Britney can offer her customers. The same quality diamonds, the same luxury experience, but at a reasonable price, it's.

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