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The perimeter, and you gotta start with those two wide receivers. Both have averaging 21 yards of catch. That's Ricky Taylor. I'm sorry. Jalen Taylor. Ricky White. You gotta watch out for those two. All right. First down from the 21 Hayward gets the start up. Throw to the nearest side, well off the Mark Lombardi fired. It will behind Jaden Green, and it was tipped up front by artist Brown, the fourth And how many times that's four pass breakups now for E. B four, second down and 10, Michigan State from their own 21 yard line, two receivers out to the right side. Single receiver left pistol formation here. With a quarterback Lombardi, however, bring a man in motion towards the formation will hand it off. Hey, we're trying to cut back left. No where to go hit initially by Jr Pace and then help arrived after again are about a yard. It's third down Spartans opening moments of the game. Third down and nine Michigan State 35% on the year on third down 99 national third nine here from their own 22 yard line, shotgun formation, Lombardi, the play fake throwing left, and he hit his receiver in the back. It was intended over there for Naylor and knew somehow the coverage might have broken it up. Greg Newsome coming in with seven pass breakup on the year and Spartans, go three and out. You know, this is one of the things coach Fitz talked about this week is coming out with your hair on fire early in the game and to push him three and out. And get a pretty good opportunity on a short field with return man on the 40 yard line. Rice Barrenger is the punter for Michigan State. Riley leaves standing the Northwestern 40 years. The snap and the punt low line drives gonna hit shy of midfield rolls inside, the 45 will be down by Michigan State. At the northwestern 40 Yard line, Great field position for the Wildcats for their first offensive Syriza of the game. Time for our Athletico physical therapy Injury. Updates in pain. Start with Atletico visit athletico dot com to request your in clinic or virtual free assessment. And again, Malik Washington out of this game, lower body were told the Wildcat wide receiver has come out with trips to the left paint. Ramsey, the quarterback, and Drake Anderson Is the running back 1st and 10 at the northwestern 40 Wildcats with the first nap of the game. Here's the snap to Peyton Ramsay gives it off. Anderson breaks a tackle at the 43 fights forward across the 45 picks up a good eight yards before he's run down by Antoine Simmons, the leading tackler. Or Michigan State, a gain of eight second down and two for the Wildcats. Just shy of midfield. Well, that's the way you draw it up during the week, Go three and out short field and in the first runs eight yards Castle Empty. The backfield is Anderson motions left? Snap to Peyton Ramsey Ramsey, looking right now looks the middle scrambles left, takes off runs gets a block from Anderson gets to the sidelines and tiptoes out of bounds in Michigan State territory..

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