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Name like if you want to look up emily and find out when people started all the way back to the eighteen hundreds when it pete it probably Pete like early nineteen hundreds then went back down, then probably went back up any nine hundred ninety s names. They say are out now. Like Madison is out now from what I heard Brianna brook any nineties name now is. So pregnant by the way. Are you pregnant to make you? Pay, you seem particularly interested in this conversation snapped like months and months ago. How did you get pregnant though? Okay? Brought to you by country, hearth breads some sad news and some other news Kelly Preston died yesterday Kelly President John Travolta's wife. After a two year battle with cancer breast cancer, she was fifty seven kind of a shock because she kept her diagnosis and treatment very private. We didn't hear anything about it. A statement from the family says she was a bright, beautiful and loving soul who cared deeply about others, and who brought life to everything. She touched her family. Ask for your understanding of their time of privacy at this time. He'll give you know. Make Fun of John Travolta. But he I will say he and his wife always seemed. There seemed like very kind people, hearted people and I know that they years ago I think they lost their older son. Jet Sunday jet and I think that I forget what happened, but yeah he maybe ten fifteen years ago. He passed away too so right. Isn't shocking. Sometimes that celebrities go through is bigger than life, and like almost God like that they seem like nothing happened in like nothing can happen to them, and you're something that you know, breast cancer a lot of the time you hear somebody who's fought at one, and here's a celebrity who thought it and did not win after two years. I know several breast cancer survivors, but just a reminder. It's kind of a wake up. Call like. Hey, it doesn't always work out that way. That's why the fight is still so. So, important Lee Shell deactivated or twitter, probably because people were bullying her overnir. Rivera's disappearance. They didn't get along instead set of Glee so now people are taken after after Lee Michelle. Stupid is are people that said that Liam Michelle was mean to her, but they. They went way back Blake. The people that are saying that now are kind of like new stories. Way Back Nyah, and I did not like each other like when the show was actually going his burial at one of those things reported on all the time. There was another sad death, Elvis. Ahead of his daughter Lisa Marie, and then she had a daughter, his son, his name is Benjamin, and he died on Sunday from what we understand. It was a suicide. We don't have any further details, but again. My Gosh, you know, here's a celebrity. Untouchable something so happens so move onto some more interesting news. That's not quite as sad. The NBA's having a lot of. Of Trouble, a lot of TUB tough time enforcing this bubble rule down at Disneyworld. Basically, they're saying okay. You live in the bubble. You can golf. You can fish go on the rides. You can go to dinner and things like that, but random instagram model said that somebody already invited her in, and she knows what that means she says Yep. The season is definitely ending early. That's what she says. Her name is Anna. And even she knows it's risky. She tweeted I already got vital to the bubble. Yeah, the season is ending early. She didn't say who invited her, but that got people talking because she said quote. Wow, y'all are going to get me uninvited now. I'm out. Yeah, why would you play that? I'll let's so surprises India posted it for everyone. Exactly now it's their fault that you might get uninvited now. We shouldn't blame per but at the same time. It's all gross. Honestly I don't know that they would be lacks enough in their security. Let somebody sneaking lesser crawling over the back fence somewhere doing well, I don't know I mean. Maybe it is like everyone has a friend with a security guard or something. Yeah, you'll get. Tickets all young La. Let's doing. She's actually hiding underneath one of the cards where they're like Oh here room service and she's hiding underneath it. That's totally what happens. If you were the security guard at the front date of Disneyworld where they're all in the bubble, would you? You would have US listening. Let somebody in. And what is she going to bribe with a hundred dollars to ruin the entire NBA season I'd be like. No, I'm sorry. I'm not GonNa let you in. Could they sneaker in somehow? Put her in the trunk of Car I. Don I don't think. Think, they can leave at a car though they can't go and he's. There's probably no traffic out. Though right? She's bribing. I think the players who are inviting her in or bribing security guard. Did say that was going to be a problem. They said sacks was going to be a big problem. Because a lot of the players have wives, and I guess they're quarantined with them if they choose to be. A lot of them. Don't but a lot of them. Don't so I mean come on, we all hear the stories. Any athletes going from town to town to town. That's just the way it happens. What do they call them? There's a name for them. Is that jock sniffer is that what is love? This is I think. Very Chafe Acer's. Nicer word they. Learned that like if you. From yellowstone if you go after the Guy Who Rodeos your? Belt Buddy a belt buddy. Are you serious belt bunny? The belt when they win or got the topic of yellowstone I felt very cool this weekend. I talked to my Nanna so my my grandmother. She's ninety eight years old and she called me from. She's in like an old folks home because she hurt herself and. That it like you know, you should watch Netflix because she has netflix account, I said there's this show called y'all stone I. Think you'd really maybe like it. You can watch it with my mom and she goes I finished that show. Kevin Costner is a smoke. That will be right up her alley Oh. Trust me! Susan Oliver Hands around the neighborhood like all Kevin Costner's on their. He's an attractive young man. You started a trend in the Chan happened with yellowstone now. Probably I know still watching it still love the show. It's really good. Last night. I watched it. Just when you thought there couldn't be anymore. Tiger king drama. There's this Joe Exotic Zoo was searched by authorities in Oklahoma on Friday after an investigation by the travel channels, ghost adventures team led them to believe there were human remains on site according to reports, the show was on the property for some sort of ghost investigation, and they had some cadaver dogs that pick up a scent near the alligator pit now if you don't. Don't know the show. Basically, there is allegations that one of the women on the show Carol Baskin's. I had her rich husband killed and shoot up by tigers, and then thrown in the pit somewhere and I don't think really anybody seriously believes that, but who knows so. They always thought that she had him killed and then buried on this big zoo somewhere and Carol Baskin's making money right now because she's on cameo now. Yeah. She wanted to two hundred ninety nine dollars to get to do a cool cats and kittens shout out. They said that in the first day she made over twenty grand mean. Can you imagine though lake? What if you know of course? The rumors that are going around our what if Jill exotic killer has been hit on his property by the alligator pit. I wouldn't put it past the guy. Area here we are still three or four months later still about tiger king. That's crazy by the way they did not find any human remains, but they did uncover some small.

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