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Any time they had a rookie quarterback, I'd be like, Dude, they're going to eat that guy alive. This is before the league change, particularly in the late odds to thousands like there are like those years when it was a little more really rough and tumble up until about 13 2013 14 15. He was just he was ridiculous. Yeah, and then last, but not least. I don't think this could be a good list if we didn't have Lords, Taylor. Oh, yeah. Lt lt has to be On that list. He literally was one of the wildest guys that you will ever run into. And you just knew that he was coming to get you with your quarterback. You knew what time it was. You know, you remember Tech Mobile? The Nintendo game back? Absolutely. Yes. He used to block the field all the time. I forget the quarterback he would go sack the holder. It was like that when they built out the attributes in that game is like his must have been just like OK to do whatever he wants. 100 100 on everything cheat on everything. It was ridiculous. But in actuality, Andrea Life me, Bill Belichick still says today, Lawrence Taylor is the greatest player I ever coached. And it seems like there's not ever going to be anybody to get past that. Obviously, he was coaching the defense back in the day for the Giants, and lt was on that team, but yeah, that dude. Struck fear in people and and rightfully so. And, you know, you know, he has a ton of respect. When very rarely do you hear anybody compared to him? I don't know. I can't remember the last time somebody was Io. That guy is like Lawrence Taylor. And when nobody you know, compares you to people. That means you're pretty good. Coming up next. Can Notre Dame overcome a short handed Clinton that straight ahead. You're listening to prime time. Keyshawn J will end soon. I'm going to Baltimore in this game. I think it comes down to Lamar Jackson.

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