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They break with the top thirty players but it does mean that those guys will be around and available and also how about this for the giants they made national news with a letter sent to season ticket holders I got it last night when they announced that the game will be played with season ticket holders sending in an image of themselves to be placed into a cut out that will be displayed in the stands during home games hopefully creating tens of thousands of giants fans as they appear as cardboard cut out so we can have some fun with that talking about sending in alternate images Mike echo echo suggesting maybe the three Stooges Pelosi and trump he had trouble at Dodger hat which I thought was funny right and we had other thoughts you know can we send N. Stephan with cardboard boot on the ball the bricks right somebody sent in how bout Polly in an open casket as it cut it right down the third base line yet right by the time I got the players to look over that mark is that the water boy yeah I get confused between the text line in the water boy that's good so anyway that's the news on the giants is that yeah you to ramp up the excitement and we keep our eyes on those young players yeah that my friends is a twisting turning Broadway musical incorrect naming a Liverpool driven if I could ever bus so they're re because I'm a big fan of ferry cross the Mersey all right it creates a real like mid sixties five nineteen sixty five pacemakers yeah yes yeah a pacemaker so there you go okay so you think that's enough you think you've had enough content and entertainment we started wrong because the cooler of content forty five seconds away back into the list yeah man poly Max up next all right KMB are one oh four five rock and roll and six eighty the sports later you're listening to a Murfin Max power hour now one one oh four five FM in six eighty please be on the sports leader the Chilton auto body traffic.

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