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That's death of a nation movie dot com for the latest from Danish. This sousa. The. The story is so horrifying because for Ventura County and for people who don't know southern California when people. Want to go to someplace that's more peaceful. That is more outside some of the jangled nerves that you feel at any big city and force Los Angeles counts in that regard. People people go out to Ventura County, and there are lovely lovely communities. There. My my brother. Lives in inventory county. And. And again in in. Let's say beautiful smaller town. It's it's the American dreams more formidable than than parts that are closer in town. And then L A. And when something like this happens on a Wednesday night. When they're doing college night at a country and western bar. And when you look at the the folks who lost loved ones there was a. Fellow who's the broken down? His only son his oldest son may not be as only son. His oldest son was killed in that bar. And this was a young man of twenty one. Who was just enlisting in the military in the army to serve our country. And one of the people killed. Was that? Ventura County sergeant.

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