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You say that have been around for a very long time as well. And I'm, you know, I do is so shit it with kit Kat. But when you buy kicked off the show, it doesn't look like that doesn't. It just looks like a red rectangle would I'm trying to think in my head is where to draw the line here, and if I can't see it on the shelf, it shouldn't be able to count as a trademark. So you can only see the wrapping of the kit Kat bar and then however it looks on the inside. I feel like, no, that doesn't count towards the trademark. Well, here's an interesting one. The other day, out of desperation. I had some of my wife's vegetarian chicken nuggets. Cool. They're actually quite good. Yeah, I've had a lot of that vegetarian. It's fries Ingley. Good. Yeah, that chicken nuggets the Coon chicken nuggets are excellent, then sponsor of the show. They just make excellent chicken nuggets. But interestingly they have given their chicken nuggets, the same what I presume I. Patry shapes that McDonald's is for that. You can nuggets. You know those two or three distinctive shapes that chicken nuggets come in. I only just recently learned this. I never really thought about it before, but yeah, I didn't realize that there's whatever it is. There's four particular shapes at the chicken nuggets come in and they seem to have copied or replicated. So my because I looked just like McDonald's chicken nuggets of McDonald's hasn't cut the trademark on those four shapes as not part of the packaging. The chicken nuggets just come in like a box, right? And then they just I'm sure if I had a bit of time to think about, think of examples where it isn't just the packaging lot, the actual shy of the product so is trademark couple well, okay. I think maybe not trademark -able, but copyright -able case in point animal crackers, right? Those little animal crackers individually. They're like a little piece of art. So maybe you could copyright the animal cracker design, but a trademark is a. This is like a totally different thing like no one else can sell animal looking crackers as you can come up with your own animal designs and you can copyright them. But yeah, I know the chicken nuggets, I think becoming a box. No, I wouldn't give that to McDonald's. I'm glad that could. Cat has been ruled against here. I'm reading about these chicken nuggets of saying them, describe different ways. It's the bell, the bow, tie the bowl, and the boot. We'll hear are say, the bell, the bow, the bone in the boat, say the bowtie could also because the Biron by look so bailed by Thai bolan boat who doesn't like the boot. Most of all Lisa metric Owen is an that one always feels that the trait when you having chicken mcnuggets and you're taking them out when you get the boot, that feels like that's my favorite. Surely are the same. I mean, it's been a long time since I've had chicken nuggets and has been a very long time, but I'm also now realizing that the boot is the one that.

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