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Here's Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross. For all practical purposes, it will be shut down in the U. S. But only in the U. S as of midnight on Monday. By the Commerce Department ruling. He spoke on the Fox business Channel. People also won't be able to download or update the popular social media platform. Tic TAC in the U. S. Even his TIC TAC works with Oracle and other U. S based companies. It's designed to resolve US privacy concerns about what Tic Tac could do with the data it collects from users. Marketplaces Nova Sappho has more. The Commerce Department's order today follows through on President Trump's executive orders last month that had threatened to ban both. We chat and Tic Tac, the Commerce Department, saying starting Sunday neither can be downloaded or updated in the US Trump Administration contends the apse capture large amounts of data from American users and that data could be accessed by the Chinese government trumps threats to ban the absent bite dance racing to find an American partner for TIC Tac Oracle has emerged the winner, but the deal has yet to win the Trump administration's approval, which could avert a ban. We chat, on the other hand, does appear headed for a band. It's owned by 10 Cent, the Chinese Internet giant. It's a very popular platform in that country. US. Companies use it to transact with Chinese customers. But as of Sunday, the Commerce Department says we chat cannot be hosted by U. S companies nor allowed to function here. I'm nervous, awful for MARKETPLACE. Wall Street Journal is reporting that Wal Mart is also exploring buying a stake in TIC Tac, where the Wal Mart CEO Doug McMillon might also get a seat. On the TIC Tac board checking markets on this last trading day of the week. Not much at the moment the Dow is down 51 points, 2/10 percent S and P 500 down 5/10 percent. The NASDAQ is down 7/10 of a percent. Over the summer, some users of Facebook instagram APP noticed alerts on their phone, saying Instagram was turning on the camera on their phone even when they weren't on Instagram. Facebook says it was a software bug, triggering spurious alerts, not the camera. But now on Instagram user is suing and federal court alleging it's inappropriate surveillance. Marketplace.

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