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And first and foremost, I always look at it from a place of the player and the rights that player should have in college football world where the coach movement is so frequent and so jarring for a lot of these kids the statement for when I was getting recruited Paul was always. Well, you commit to the school. And you commit to the program, you know, commit to the coach we all know that's a line of Boll and we've been fed that for far too long. You are committing to these coaches, and what they can offer most of these guys as an opportunity to not only get on the field early. But. Chance of playing in the next level. And so I think this is twofold one it allows players a better chance to do that overall. But to for us as general college football fans when you look at the kind of quarterback just look at the quarterbacks who were the transfer portal were all on clemson's team last year who are now going to be starters, potentially at other schools. You are spreading more of the talent around college football that would have had to wait like those Southern Cal teams from the early two thousands where. Yeah, you'd have a quarterback wait his turn play for your and then go to the NFL. Now, we get to see all of these four and five star caliber quarterbacks who were stockpiled that these major schools spread out throughout college football. And as a result. I think the sport gets better. I think we get more of a product from having these guys spread around to these different schools might before you go you brought in some of these these new entities. But is there a team out there that you're watching right now, maybe not on the front row of the the college football playoff picture, which we always see Ohio State? Oklahoma, obviously, Alabama, Clemson, etc. Or someone you're keeping an eye on that you think might it'd be a little bit under the under the radar screen. I you know, what Paul for me right now, it's still a little early to to say that maybe someone's gonna jump what I'm very interested. Just because we seem to have the same conversation every year around the group of five and for so long. It's been UCS cross to bear. But I'm very interested in what they're building in Cincinnati right now, they're bringing back a lot of excuse me. A lot of talent on that team one that had a top five defense by most metrics in the NCWA can that Cincinnati team in the maybe make some noise? Kennedy like Houston that we know had the big splash higher of the offseason recruiting Dana Holger Sohn away from power five school. I'm very interested to see now that you know, that you see of bubble burst to an extent against LSU. I'm still not willing to say that that's a total loss for them considering the circumstances with the group of five does next season and going forward as they continue to try and push for a place in the modern. In college football conversation when it comes to not just these New Year's six bowl games. But a potential championship berth down the line. Always great conversation from my goal, drew Mike many, thanks for making the time. We really do. Appreciate it back ball. Good stuff. He'd interrupt Jim from Tuscaloosa, but. We have priorities here. I get those ESPN guests on we heard going to take a break. More of your phone calls at eight five five two four to seven to eight five met..

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