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It yes question. Okay just just give me one second. Let me just Dr Mike partners. I'll be right back there. They're so old everyone in that kind important meetings a thousand years old. Oh my God I. I can't tell them okay. I just can't sell to them where we're going to go somewhere else. You got to want it. You can have the want of course wanted everyone in there is die. Can't sell because everybody's do old. I don't even know what that means. It means that they can't pull your head out of your ass. They're all talk. Don't like they need to be talked to you. Want me to scream at elderly people. Is that what you want me to abuse the elderly? I'm not condoning abuse. This loud talking is appreciated by the older. Okay but that's angry talked. You know? There's a difference between loud enunciated speech and aggressive behavior. Okay let's try loud enunciated speech Tim because my idea don't make this. It seem like this. You want me to go in there and you want me to punch these old people the throat. Hey along good to see you mandates for meeting me for coffey good to see a bud so couple things. Couple of things What's in the soap milk? This is good. Yeah it's of course a things things things Let's see I got Two Days Oh to have some We'll we'll take two more. They will keep them. I might have the wrong table. Good to remind I saw My name is Cranston. And that's what it says on the coffee. Drink your coffee. Oh my God I don't know who you are and I don't fucking care so this is long. Musk cran important vigil. He's he made flame. Throwers goodbye recreationally. So I just do you want to play. I can have claim that's GONNA burn forever pal. Excuse me two months convenience between erupting him message from the front all right go ahead take me or can me stop is telegram. Okay great great. It's so crazy going out for coffee with you. This is a typical day. Sorry you're in the middle of pitch to me. Just get right to get right to it because we're going to be so bobby Blue Hell. It's easy lawn care. I've fallen into. Here's all the time winners all time. Greatest Chris Rock metal when you think Oh Hey. People people asked me as we look like. We look alike. Do we look like no. You look like Oh get Outta here. Oh sorry you're in the middle of the pitch coming out in the front and my car won't start a have a tesla and it's just not starting so I was wondering if you could. Kinda like tell me how to start it to start your Tesla. Yeah I I don't know the first thing about that. I mean I I'm an idea guy. I'm not necessarily the nuts and bolts guy. Okay I just exhausts charging it for a really. Long time probably overcharge early overcharged. It drove it here. Okay I have no idea idea take a flame thrower really this is Jim. I'm in your ear don't let the gentleman you're having lunch with meeting with no but next The next person to come up to you is an alien just so you know we have is on them. We have is on them. You're going to be high. Yeah what That reminder where we met Detroit Auto Show Jeff. How's it been give him a flame thrower? Okay Jim. I don't need to be told to do. I give a so. Why do you want my kitty sir? Well we're using this as a draft and we're gathering all of the house cats in the area. Were starting a small army. Kiddies makes sense of course it is. You WanNA use my kid these to make playtime no. We're going to use your kiddies for national defense. That kid does not sound sweet. It sounds ready for battle. Sounds like a battle cat. These are my keys. My Grandmother's Sh- well. We are having a draft and we are enlisting all kitties. Okay Oh what. Who The hell are you? Are you talking about it? I'm with the Department of Defense Dod. We're here to pick up every kitty that you have any kind of a badge or any kind of the this batch. This is my gun sometimes. This has more okay. All right hold on what the. Hell do you want? I want every God damn cat in your house and I need them in a bag. And I'm taking with me. You'll get turned kimberly. Get inside. Get INSIDE. Would you want the cats want every cat you have in a bag? You'll get the cats back. Okay look you got all the cats and it's amazing they're all alive. All we need in a bag will say is catch out of the bag. I thought that begs and catch. We're like peanut butter and Jelly. Got One cat. We contested. Hell are you talking about you? Don't sing is cats out of the peanut butter and Jelly. What does that have to do? It's just not say those are all saying different things. I've got five hundred dead cats on my end and one one living Cat Cadillac like Rambo. It's going to be a really good CAC. Will I hope you can do something with it because I just? I hope you've got a good leisure. Be Put on the back of this. I have a great laser beam last names laser. My first name is frank and tell the truth you you got. That less name added onto what added on? Yeah Okay just going over application for a name. Change Frank You don't want the last name fleet. Jim Can you like to change it to lasers I wanNA change for name young delays which the the background that you ask everyone that question on this chatty if the you know what work here a minute you're sharing I don't think so no fleas. You WanNa you WANNA change it to laser. It's French but my mom was Death and when you meet people with the name laser what were you told them the vet names. I guess I'll tell them that it's because I invented lasers I'm just fucking with you. Dmv Humor. That's cool. I don't really get joking with me usually so we just need to take your photo if you just look straight ahead into these. I'm just fucking with we. Don't need your photo okay. I'm one of the guys do. It's a beautiful so So somebody used the flame thrower to to put your on fire at the DMV. Yeah okay well. Apparently the you have no permanent moons here but it is a common internal flame shave. This'll rod dog this week. Hook you up for a rod consult You'll have to go outside the hospital system and of course shit for me to Dowse it. No I think you've got to keep this flame going but yeah I I would definitely if you went to raw. Get a second opinion or something. I feel like you've kind of my office Dr. Musk tell him you're second opinion is that he's also ugly can shut the fuck up. Jim fucking I'm not sure you even exist. What do you mean? I don't exist ugly what you're ugly you're jammed. The voice in my head told me to tell you that your piece of Shit just because you make those Goddamn batteries. You think you're cool. I've never seen one to the starbucks bathroom with you. Take a look at my firearm thing. Though I just cut the shit out of my hand and your balls and that is our show Such a pleasure Chris Alvarado. Thank you so much for joining us today but boy they spearheaded me. I love you guys and I love everyone and I love everything. All right John Controversy. Yeah Okay follow sons. A good boy on the S. O. N. Y. Good boy on instagram. All right Paul. Great to see your Chaz always James Heaney. Thanks for tuning in check out the adventure. Bits on youtube were playing some dark. Souls it's incredible expert walk through of an incredible game. And how do we find that? It's on Youtube at the adventure. Bits the adventure bits..

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