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Now the one thing that I want to say about or reply to what Eric just said is the following. Yes, we all had a sense that something wrong might happen through America. If they kept playing the way they finished the season, now there's two specific things that I want to talk about. Number one is tactics. When you go and play a four four two like America did. Playing out of hidalgo on the right wing. What the hell is that? Playing two number 9s, Henry Martin, Martinez, which you had never done during the season. Obviously, things are going to go wrong. And that's on the manager. Now, we also have some developed performances to point at and when we consider what America did. Emmanuel aguilera and Sebastian cassettes are they still professional defenders in the Mexican league because their performer was all season from the disgrace. It was bad. So yes, we saw it coming. I just never expected it to be this bad as it was on Saturday night. So our attention then turns to the manager Santiago solari and his future with global American. Let's see what not just. He has to say about it, but also what America legend of Blanco had to say about it. That's been saddle and rinse here in America. But it's not going to exist. Enacted in cancer. We are going forward. All right, so what do we think Marty shall start with you? Should America fire Santiago solari. No..

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