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The brewers are back and ready to try to win the two games. They need to get to their first World Series since one thousand nine hundred eighty two but this team plays a lot differently than that club of thirty six years ago or even most other teams around baseball today. Some brewers manager Craig councils unconventional moves have rankled. Some traditionalist and baseball for the Milwaukee skipper. That's not his concern. He's pinch hitting for hitters. You know before they take a Bs in the playoffs or after one at bat in the playoffs. I don't I don't see it as any different than that. We're using our full roster. And I think that's what all teams are doing in the playoffs. The brewers will start Wade Miley on the mound. The seasoning the dodgers will counter with left-hander Hyun Jin Ryu. Doug, Russell WTMJ sports. Our coverage from Miller park starts tonight at six o'clock. We'll go live to Miller park for an interview with Marcus handle bullpen catcher coming up here in two minutes with so much excitement surrounding the brewers. There's one group that maybe a little envious of it. All the attention that team is getting and that's politicians. The brewers are taking up the lion. Share the coverage right now. Lincoln's anti Larson says candidates can use the brewers playoff run to their advantage. I think it's a great opportunity for a candidate to show that they're one of the people and they have similar interests to their constituents. Let Larson says politicians need to be wear appearing insincere. If you look if you appear to be sort of fake, and you know, Johnny-come-latelies WTMJ news. It is debate night tonight. Three high profile races will be holding debates. Governor Walker challenger Tony Everts will hold their first debate Senator Tammy Baldwin and challenger Lee will hold their third and final debate. And in the first congressional district. House speaker Paul Ryan seat, Republican Brian style will square off against democrat. Randy Bryce UTM j news time three thirty three..

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