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Else getting the same chance Adam Kaufman WBZ Boston news radio Adam thank you seven thirteen where we go from here well let's head out on the roadways and find out where the past takes us it's the Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes Laurie what's going on well a couple of big problems out there first up Jeff north bound expressway at mass at there's a crash involving a state police cruiser it's right there on the exit ramp at mass staff in Roxbury so watch out for delays they're also gonna crash blocking the right hand lane this is one twenty eight north bound right by route twenty a small trailer flipped over and that's what's blocking that right hand lane still looking at a good ride though on the mass pike from Weston into Boston right now just about a fifteen minute ride let's check out the downtown with Kristen active my brain church road report for Laurie things had gotten slow for a brief period of time the lever down ramps heading down through the lane drive it looks like that has improved at least for the time being that you're a good after that all the way down toward Leverett circle there are periodic delays that pop up along soldiers field road at memorial drive and then they vanish you got a story drive looks pretty good getting into the into the leverage circle area at the airport tunnels under total Callahan Ted Williams tunnel are all in good shape if you are from the airport this morning Krista docket in the bar for a insurance road report all right thanks very much Christian and we had some delays right now in Attleboro the problem is ninety five southbound input Tackett two lanes are closed from the state line the Rhode Island mass state line down to Broadway for bridge work so the traffic is backing into Attleboro right now so be aware of that hi Laurie granny WBZ's traffic on the three super bad hair day in Boston today it is very humid and seventy degrees right now will make our way to about eighty little bit later on we'll also see some sunshine this is WBZ newsradio ten thirty.

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