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Cliff Kingsbury, Patrick Mahomes, Kyla Marie discussed on Chicago's Business Authority Programming


Yeah. So we did a lot on let me quickly. Go back to the NFL. Jay Glazer just had some good stuff in that interview about Odell Beckham. I forgot to ask him. Hey, are you surprised the giants didn't come out and say, Nope? Odell czar guy because that to me is somewhat telling again, if they do open that door than they have to respond to all predictions, rumors, etc. But again, this laser this isn't some fly by night dude on social media tweeting that he's an insider lasers a legit insider. He's been doing this for years. So he he made a good point about when Patrick Mahomes went into a combine meeting or lead up to draft interview. He just wowed people with his recall, and you want me to do this right handed or left handed like Patrick Mahomes killed it. I think Tyler Moore is gonna crush it. Gavin. I believe he's going to go number one. Now he's over under draft position last week was nine and a half. Now, there are small limits on those bets because obviously there could be some insider trading. Somebody knows something friend of an agent friend of a team, blah, blah, blah. And you wonder if that number? Kyla marie? Over under draft position nine and a half is that quickly going to be adjusted to like five and a half. Because I think the giants you think he's going to go number one. I don't why wouldn't he you mean? Like number one quarterback taken. Yeah. I think the cardinals would seriously look at him. So if you look at Mahomes, and this is it's fascinating. Because in the draft process, you'll see guys they love to talk about what players cannot do. Well, he can't do this isn't this? He's not capable of being this. You got to focus on what guys can do Patrick Mahomes can do a lot of things in a certain system. Chiefs drafted him. Let it marinate for a year and in that system. He absolutely crushed it. Cliff Kingsbury is a spread big twelve guy. Why can't he just say Kyla Marie? My system is gonna crush give me a couple of offensive lineman. Give me a receiver take him number one overall. I mean, Mitch Trubisky didn't have nearly the acclaim that Kyla Maria. He went number two Jared Goff. Was that a great college quarterback? Right. You went number one are trading up for those guys Carson Wentz coming out of what? North Dakota state was injured all the time. Number one. I can't mistake the hypocrisy here that you're saying the NBA players time to grow and they can get better. And you're giving up on Josh Rosen after one well. Yeah, that's work. It's interesting, and we'll probably do this. After the break. I'm not throwing in the towel on Rosen. But something big change. They got a new day new head coach and. I don't think Kingsbury should tale should Kingsbury Taylor. An offense to Rosen or should he get a quarterback that fits his office? Because Kingsbury is known as an offensive guy. They got him because he's a he's a bit of a maverick offensive guy. I would've wanted to change what he does best four somebody. I would want them to find somebody who does what he does best. I know that sounds confusing. I understand what you're saying. But that's a lot of confidence and Kingsbury who didn't win a lot of games. That's true Kingsbury also now he had no defense at Texas Tech. But Mike Leach didn't really have a defense one at Texas Tech. Anyway, wolf we'll talk about that by the way that would make him an all-time snake? If he did that's USC backs out goes to Arizona, and then just screw. So that quarterback who they have who is ready. I think he's mentioned confidence in and and we're not treat. I think he's many, you know, he came out yesterday. I think it said that the story line. I hope that happens. Snake? You could always buy real quick. I looked at the GM's history. Steve this is going to be his last. He has not done. Well, the last six or seven years, well and July fourth last year. He was having a so great guy. He needs to deliver big time. And I would go bigger go home with him. And I will go Kayla. Marie. We'll talk about a little of that will wrap up an NBA next here on the big lead. Fox Sports radio. How many days.

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