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It was also critical that people who were at the park that day who were taking photographs of their friends and family any filming that they had done turned over their photographs and filmed to us to see if we could find something that would be a clue. The like Semana objections would come back to bite Bundy. People saw him Andy themselves as Ted. There's a Ted drives the Volkswagen. Handsome, and from the witnesses that saw him were composite drawings made. When the picture came out when they finally got Ted Bundy picture of this person of interest. No question in our minds. No question that this was the guy h lead has to be followed. Every phone call has to be made mostly some pan out with a speck of information. That may someday help clear up the mystery of the whereabouts of Janice and each Nadler. And it was very creepy sensation knowing that we were just steps away from somebody who is ultimately responsible for doing some very very, very dastardly dese. One thing since the publication of the description of the man called Ted there have been no further disappearances from this area. John Sandifer for ABC news in Seattle. Find. Intelligent, and others. Nineteen year old and he's Naslund and year old Janice ought disappear on a warm summer day at lakes Amash though. There was no sign of the women. Several witnesses told of a smooth talking good looking young man named Ted. Heat was starting to come upon him because of his daylight adventures in lake sammamish. Clues. Now, the guy named Ted of VW composite sketch funding if you want to keep going he was going to have to go somewhere where there was no investigation. So what is Bundy do? He has the presence of mind to move from the Washington area to Utah. And again, he starts changing his tactics finally killing Brown use excuse of going to the Utah law score that he gave Liz the option of going with him. He was her prints. She had dreams of him becoming an attorney and having a white picket fence was probably delighted when she said, no, I want to stay in Seattle off France, the houseboat where I lived and and pitcher of him. What makes this photo that has surfaced from Maryland Cheinal? So in credibly interesting, an incredibly important is because he's. Stressed been basically the same outfit that he warned at lake sammamish on July fourteenth of nineteen seventy four. She was crying. And I just you know, kind of gave him a good bye. And he got in the car and drove away. Within twelve or so hours. He would be murdering the Idaho Iger. After this picture appeared the task force received one call among thousands of others. This particular caller said a man named Ted Bundy looked quote, something like the picture tuned in. And the police never did anything with it. He called the police more than once stating that she believed her boyfriend Ted Bundy was the Keller. Bundy went to university of Utah school of wall. When I was there at the law school would have regular contact with Ted Bundy, and everyone really int- there were periods of time when he was absent from class and people would occasionally comment on that all Ted's gone, again, the first semester he's in class three times. He's like a kid in a candy store up at in in Utah around four women in the end just a matter of weeks. Get mad at myself, gee, weeks later to mine other pair comical, but that's what everything Bundy had within. What is known as moderate get. There were reasons behind it the tire and the garage, and of course, gloves, and it wouldn't matter the item on the planned very carefully to use everything that he had his standard Merck at it wasn't the items there weren't there by chance. They all had a reason. The rawal connected the martyr. He said, I always tried to get rid of all all the evidence that would put me to the crime and said that I had to restock Mike toll kid all the time. Bundy

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