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They take he does come in. It's possible. He's not gonna be the same old lady bell. He's only be saving himself for next year. I don't know if you guys saw what James Harrison just suggested he do is is come in sign his deal. Practice and then on Saturdays. Go my ankle hurts. Hamstring hearts. I don't think it would get to that point. But there is a concern now that this is irreparably broken. And maybe they just want to be done with them. Is the feeling towards him in the locker room? Let's say he doesn't do that. Because he does that. I mean that that breaks everything, but can he show up in a few weeks or is that locker room so ticked off about what happened at the beginning of the season. That is almost something that can't be fixed. Even in the short term. No, they wanna win and Lucifer himself could rise up and play running back. If he was any good. They they they can brace him. The thing is I don't know if you guys have seen any of his videos or photos posting. Look to be in the greatest of shape and last year. He was when he came in on Monday was in phenomenal shape. And he still got off to a slow start. That's another added concern, what kind of shape is. He and how long's it gonna take them to get into shape? If he's not, you know, there's there's there's a lot of scenarios involved here. And I'm still not sure which way it's going to go. But I did write the other day. I thought he could hold out the whole year. Yeah. You know, what look at I'm a jet fan Evans. What about jet fans has been rumors about him coming to the jets? I would no way would I trade bale of EON bell and give up draft choices during the year forum. If you're going to bring them in you bring him in at the end of the season when you don't have to give up anything but money for them. And I would they would there be any team that you think that would actually do that though would get Jap draft choices for bell during the season. Well, we've seen it in baseball Selma's, they'll they'll trade away some good prospects for a guy in the end of July was only going to finish out the rest of the year with them and then become a free agent. But they see it as a way to put them over the top in baseball. Maybe there's a team out there that fails there one missing piece away from possible Super Bowl contention. And it's a big time running back and way beyond that again. Yeah. This doesn't fit the jets 'cause we understand this the jets and not a Super Bowl threat. But would they hesitate to deal him inside the conference of it's a team that they may have to deal with in their own pursuit of the Super Bowl? You know, someone in our radio station. I do some work for here asked me the same question. This morning. Hey, they throughout Oakland as needing running back to steer is not only do they have to go out there and play Oakland this year in December. But if he could come back and haunt them in that game. And then if open can rebound here and somehow make the playoffs. I could do the same thing in the postseason. We saw the Garrett blunt do that against the Steelers. You know, he he walked off out of out of the game while it was happening. They caught him he signed with New England, and you know, came back and help beat them, right? Yeah. Ed bouchette of the Pittsburgh post gazette also Katty Kay out. In pittsburgh. What about this team right now, they one one in one probably shouldn't should probably should've lost that game to the Browns. If the Browns any kind of kick it they would've lost that game. They got a big game against the ravens coming up this week. There's been some issues when Antonio Brown where exactly ought to Steelers right now in your mind. You know, the Browns the Steelers vista. I did before the Brown. Any kind of kicker. Kick our last year, and he's turned into much this year is one for four right now that was a big win for on Monday night lost..

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