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It and you can even post it online so you can distribute your own movie. Now that's right I mean and that wasn't available to know and he was starting no or anybody of a of a of his age ship bracket and This is just in the past decade or so that this is to pass right but what a sea change. I know I mean I think it's Obviously there's lots of things that are changing about filmmaking and the form itself of kind of everyone being a documentarian themselves in some level But then also you know how the form of what's captured on on a camera when there are new forms and new things developing. I always come back to is that. I do think that movies are durable form in the sense of like in one sitting that there's An experience it's somewhere between like ninety minutes and three hours or whatever it is that you have experience in a sitting and I think it's a I think as much as the everything changes in the way people see in the different things and there's a lot of talk about that and of course there should be okay and And of course everything changes but it's it's also people gathering together to see a story in one go. That's about as old as you get like that is. We've been doing this for a long time. I don't think that's going away. I think it and there's all these permutations offshoots in different versions but that. I think we'll stay. I think so too. I mean you know. Television Division is great and the new generation television. That's being that's being created now is understandably not only getting a huge audience. I put a lot of respect and a lot of engagement on the audience's part but it's not the same thing as what you just described. No it's different. It's it's different and that's better. It's just just different experience. I just think it's funny that the the idea that people believe that somehow movie theaters would go away way. You would never say that about a concert You would wear say they're gonNA stop touring because nobody goes to see them. No you want to see your favorite band or singer in person Ray. Luby's you know I I loved. I loved what Sam Mendis said when he won a nineteen seventeen one of the Golden Globes. He said I'm so. Oh excited because I hope that this will get. It opens next week in theaters. I hope more of you will go to the theater and see it and boy did then but that's what else greater full that's ideal because what he's saying is I don't. It's not not caring but I don't care about your water care about you. Go about film and then maybe going to see the way it's meant to be scene. Yeah I agree I mean I do think it's I do think it's funny. I mean I duNno no no I. This is a probably longer conversation than the spot. CASS gives credit like th that. I don't want to take over the whole thing but I do think I think what's interesting in an economy in in in is there's A. There's a tremendous amount of of convenience in terms of you know Whether it's getting an uber that plays music. Hugh have chosen already like this sort of seamless. Experience that you can have Or you know Being at home in the comfort of your home and all these things that do. Are you know amazing innovations and we have Ah the ability to take advantage of in this country but at the same time when you are when you go to museums uh-huh now How crowded they are and it's inconvenient to see like if you're GonNa go see Monet's waterlilies willies that's inconvenient? They are there they are there. They are not moving they are there and actually it's more or popular than ever. So maybe there's something swinging the other direction about it's it's this the sort of luxury of inconvenience which I don't know that's a that's a half baked? Thought Nobody I. It's an intriguing thought though and as you say it's a lengthy conversation yes but it's a but it's a really important one. Yeah now for instance. You chose to shoot Komo. thirty-five the luxury of inconvenience no. That's a very luxurious thing. I chose to shoot movie on film. I chose to Shuman Schumer movie on film for a few different reasons. One of one of the reasons was my movie takes place in a in the eighteen sixties and although they didn't have motion pictures than they did have taxi and it felt close to the closest to that medium so And I mean then. There's the practical reasons of in terms of the way. It looked it as they say falls off. The truck looks pretty close to how you want it to look so even though on paper it is more expensive or it is more complicated. It also needs needs less done to it later so aunts and there's another reason which is you know I can't. He uses an argument other than I find. I for many re film more emotional Israel for me for me. It is more not always not all the time not everything but like there is something about being on the set that shooting foam. But it's different it is different isn't actor. It feels different when they when they see. Check the gate something different right When you hear the film film rolling it you experience it as being on stage young? I'm sure because you know everybody's on their their toes loose Yup 'cause they have to be on their toes. You don't have an endless amount of digital Capacity so you can shoot something over and over and over again when you roll film it matters it matters. That's right it doesn't it's not. It's not the feeling that there's not that feeling of just analysts Endless Time Yup which idea of endless time is an illusion? Any Way Day on digital but Yeah with film. It's it's definitely feels more like that. And you know my DP. WHO's wonderful full? Yeah you're so who's shots. Just stunning movies for him. He was I mean the other well. He's he's barely worked on digital. He's like why wouldn't you shoot it on film. I was like Oh well welcome this is we now. We don't news like what. Yeah but he's French and he he works I mean he he shut Luca Guadagnino I am love and he works with. Olivia asked say us. I mean it's it's called the film we should say okay well elsewhere so yeah no but it but it was very. You're making a painting you use paint. Yes yes that's right But it ah but in any case. And he's very he's very that's that's that's the that is he understood stood that medium and you know it's funny to people say things like Now everybody's like Oh. It's so much harder to light. It's so much harder to do this. I'm like not if you know how to do it. I mean yeah they did. They did make movies somehow right now. They made movies. Like I want to ask you about this. Because it's a favorite brief encounter. Oh Oh my God. Could there be better movie. Could there be a more beautiful beautifully. Shot I know beautifully acted. Oh my God I love that movie so much also you know I was just speaking about briefing counter the other day and how much I love it and you know one thing. That's striking to me. Briefing counter. Talk is made by David. Lean and when you think of like be masculine filmmaking kid think of David Lean I mean he could really shoot desert's like you know like he was a big filmmaker and brief encounters so perfectly dictate human size and it's amazing to me that that I mean that truth that he finds in the epic he also finds lines in the intimate and I just I mean that's why he's such a great artist to me obviously but he I don't know I just just at. There's something emotional to me about like the the man who paints on the biggest canvas also took that talent to make the story. Yeah I mean I also just that you fall you fall in love with her and them but you fall in love with her. Trevor Howard Celia Johnson. She was married to a Muslim. She or is. She was an todd and Ann. Todd was passionate friends. Yes yes that's right uh-huh yeah passionate friends also very beautiful and painful But Yeah love.

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