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The weather and the stock market. Why? Because they're all live. Stock market is moving. Prices are changing things were happening. The weather changes. You have plans. You want to see the weather. You know that they watch things that are live that are changing. That are not scripted. And they binge. Watch the rest. That's why you watch any new shows. Now every commercial is for drugs. It's for Afflictions and people. Ask your doctor about Don't take this if you're allergic to it. Well, thanks for that. What I was going to do is wait to see what I was allergic to. And then take that. That the FDA for you, but that's who's watching. Only the old people are watching. And you turn on these commercials. They're all for old people because those only people love watching television. Except for sports. You don't see nearly as many. Adds pharmaceutical ads in sports Programming. You see some, but not nearly as much. Because They have a younger audience. And advertisers feel they can reach that younger audience. And in the golf and tennis world, the affluent audience. Where the money is so That's how it works, and as long as it's going up They could do whatever they want, and they continue to do whatever they want. And Life goes on. Just fine. We just adapt. We're the ones that adapt, not them. That's basically what it comes down to. We adapt. All right. Bottom of the hour Update time will get that We'll come back. Take some more phone calls Chris Moore for Kent Carmen, and this is CBS Sports Radio. See me? Yes. Sports sports flag. Alright, Chris. Let's take a quick check of the afternoon Baseball scoreboard? Well, nothing going on now because the tarp is on the field in the Bronx. The Yankees and National is getting ready to get underway as they continue their three game Syriza at Yankee Stadium Actors or Cory Clubber. That's the pitching matchup when things do get underway so far. No start time just yet as showers rolled through the area. Meanwhile, coming up, the Rockies will be squaring off against the Cardinals and the Cubs host The Pirates seven games highlight the MBA schedule tonight, including the Blazers, tipping up against the Spurs in Portland. The Lakers are off following last night's five point loss to the Blazers, which dropped out lay into seventh place in the Western Conference standings. Ah, full game behind Portland with five games to go apiece. Pelican Star forward Sion Williamson will be out indefinitely with a fractured left finger and injury. Team executive David Griffin says could have been avoided if the league did a better job officiating there. Star player no timetable for Zion's return. He sustained the injury during Tuesday's win over Golden State couple of matinee days in the NHL just about to get underway. The Rangers wrapping up their regular season against the Bruins in Boston, while the Penguins skate against the sabers in Pittsburgh. In the NFL. Jets head coach Robert Sallis says he hopes the team can lock up an extension with safety Marcus made GM Jo Douglas said he planned to revisit talks after the draft. Two sides have until July 15th to get a deal done. Free agent Richard Sherman's reportedly been in talks with the Niners about a possible return. Sherman also spoken with the Seahawks while receiving some interest from the Saints and Raiders from college football. Tennessee top tackler linebacker Henry Toto Oh is transferring to Alabama. It's the second straight week, Alabama head coach Nick Saban pulled an impact player from the portal after locking up former Ohio State wide receiver Jamison Williams. Round three is underway at the Wells Fargo Championship in Charlotte, North Carolina. Today. Patrick Rodgers, Matt Wallace and Gary Woodland share a one shot lead at six under America her squids Give us your thoughts on this year's NFL draft 855 to 1 to four. CBS. We're open for business 24 hours a day, seven days a week..

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