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Like everything a prices. Everything was like still what it was thing. It closed in the nineties or something because the drive thru leads all over the place but like what was the happy meal toy. Whatever your clothes. bobby's world toys or something ought to bet wasn't beast wars transformers jeans just chicken mcnugget. Dress dracula goes oh my god. I'll tell you that was horrible thing. I worked mcdonald's in high school. And like a few years. After god the worst thing where this damn beanie babies because you had to like make a purchase get one like people would come through in the morning cohen. You do the next one. The next one will soon as we saw this one. You know so there's drive the daily sort of beanie babies. I dropped his nonstop through. Beanie babies me mas working there. I bought him a price. And then like me and my buddy went to like a market people were buying them off us for like ten fifteen bucks a piece on with. We paid me like three bucks. A piece for many other people are giving ten fifteen bucks all to make comedy right anyway. So hey so we hear at ray had to say about this issue. Surely doesn't excellent idea aches. That aren't everyone for those of you. Don't smell. I don't know why i guess. Every podcast is someone's i just like stanley said. We have our friend ray who committed podcasts including lasted crippling as superman. Podcasts lowers the her only says. It's a spiderwoman podcast. But like little said could probably say the spiderwoman podcast that to The last tuesday of every month Talking scarlet spider with me and my kona episode just went up today and the his number one incident nights mcknight podcasts. That's right so that's up. Go listen to the into the night before. Midnight hits disney plus all right lou. Five minutes all right everyone. Here's raised thoughts quasar fifty non certain at that. Here we go. Hey bill will and matt you know who this is. No doubt introduced me for this back. By dropping in some thoughts quasar fifty nine the as you mentioned in the previous episode really a standalone issue little mini adventure acquired accompanying stop fox slash euros to see panels and on a deserted muddle anyway overall. I really enjoyed this. I mean not the size that this was anything super special or anything Of i standard by any means but it was enjoyable enough. It was an easy read Andy smith's odd. I i actually did like in this. So i'm not sure report contradicting myself. If i had said i didn't like izzat in previous issues. I'm not even sure if has done some previously. she is but he's very familia. In this instance. I i really lucked out. I thought it was great. Think he drove a really good A really cool quite and must offer. I love to just go out day. That particular page. We're i think what you say about the strike quasar with his souped up this man. Did you go. Mike comment about the. Hey of quite on the back of his head. It looks like Atrocious anyway and then it's not a mullet and some sort of really nineteen ninety four g hake on talk radio. I thought that was quite funny unintentionally. Sorry but To be fair andy. Smith drew a really accurate. I guess s. Hey kat the some people. I guess that something but i thought the story was very simple but it was enjoyable as i mentioned And a lot the ending with panels actually holding onto that That trinkets. I actually go back and reread significance of was and and yes lo and behold if you look into what deepen on your own future so it is something of worth. I guess for finals and the clinton just leave things in the again. As to his motives of future motives. He did side that he was don with sean to be trying to take over the universe being a protector of anything but a lot these little. Bits that you say threatening hate. He has some Threats but the but at the end also with the trinket. he might be scheming. So yes so really cold Channels a lot. The whole idea of the truce as well between the brothers. That's kind of a really cool thing and saying pictures of a young fennel from water. Look like to be a an ipad or a tablet. That euroskills tunnels. That was pretty cool. I just love the whole on that. I respect by saying each other once a year. The absolutely no fighting. Although as new orlean beings you come to reclaim the the trinket hand. I've role a very. I wouldn't say none of average still enjoyable. Look i said it was an easy raid. It wasn't bogged down by dr log. It was a very simple premise. The was quite knossos. Not tighten couple of the female companions of euros. They were Worryingly around but i guess it's all when it was written or what's away that really handled anyway apart from that Yeah i'll give it a. Maybe a. Because i did enjoy it anyway. This should be quick registry for you guys. But i am i know. What did you think all of the portrayal of fennel stay. Do you look at like eurozone or starbucks as a character who made his always kind of being really peripheral interesting him at all. How these jedi mind tricks. Many almost of spiderwoman live by changing people's perceptions came in and getting them to like him that sort stuff But yeah def- monument interesting character If anything will be cool to say many attorney yeah. I don't know. What are your thoughts on this. Really random issue stealing sales for the very lawsuit Potentially a wife venetia could used one shoe to expand the big more Anyway i leave it at that. I'll be happy rating and i'll be having listening..

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