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Keep me awake for days about that question. That's a good one rabbit and but there's no answer you know when elon. Musk so excited him doj coin is he excited because he bought two hundred million dollars worth of it by saying what he's saying it's value goes up because everybody else's buying it and that's all he wanted was for the value up and then sell half of it i think i think he believes in it like he believed in tesla. I mean look how many people are against him. I mean he was on the and with any great entrepreneur. I don't care what you're selling creating whether it's a podcast whether it's a business whether it's architect you are always going to be on that fringe and i think he feels the same way about doj coin. And i think you have in los angeles a clientele that you could easily be presented with us. You could get somebody who's got a lot of money into statement. I'm gonna pay in doj going. You get a call in the next week map to call you because this so that is awesome david. I've got one more question here for and we are running a little bit of time because man you can crank through on this well. Let's talk about your deck on this house because that's a that's a situation that's different than many other people are running into out. There is that you have the ability to build a deck out there or work on it. But it's got to be fire rated. Yes i'm i've got a weird shaped house..

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