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My purpose took it and hid in most throw mattress. The time had now come for me to use it so i to try the nails which kept the hinges of my door in place. The door was double and the clenching of some nails could not be seen so that when i attempted to draw one out i met with the greatest trouble into end have ever. I succeeded when i had thrown the first nail ibis sought me how to prevent its being noticed for this purpose. I mixed some rest. Which i had scraped from old iron with bax obtaining exactly the same color as the heads of long nails which i had extracted ssim. I set myself to counterfeit z's heads and place them on the hold costs for each nail. I extracted. I made a counterfeit in vacs. I left the hinges. Attached desert doorpost a top and bottom by means of some of some nails. That i had gone but i took care to cut cities and replace him lightly cells that they only just supported irons in the hinges also at performed was the greatest difficulty because the customer and kept dreaming every night said i had escaped. Which made him send from time to inspect my prison. The man who came had the title and behavior of a catchpole he was called boza and used always to bring with him another of the same sort named giovanni a nicknamed but nonni the letter was a soldier and bosa man giovanni never entered my prisons out saying something offensive. To me he came from the district of plateau and had been an apothecary in town. There every evening he minute Examined the hold fast of the hinges on the whole chamber. And i used to say keep good watch over me for. I am resolved. By all means to escape zice lords bread a great enmity between him and me so that i was obliged dues precautions to conceal my tools that is to say my pincers and a great big point yard and other aborton..

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